There are many things about Paper Joy that pump fresh blood into my veins, and one of them is that these guys actually have integrity. Besides the fact that their kits feel the most logical and complete, the fact that they don’t steal from other artists is why of all the sticker suppliers on Instagram and Facebook that cater to the Philippine planner community, I just. Keep. Going. Back. To. Paper Joy.

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While they don’t have their own artists, they do obtain the designs they use legally by purchasing them, or, if they’re free, making sure that they’re allowed to use them commercially. (FYI: Attribution is often not a requirement for stock photo and graphic libraries like Graphicstock or Pixabay, but they do list this sort of info, so one must check.)

Full disclosure: the owners are friends, but nevertheless, they’re people who care about what they do and how they do it. As a result, their stickers are always of excellent quality and the designs they feature feel thoughtful and diverse.

They hosted a Fukubukuro raffle a few weeks ago, and because of a little mishap, they ended up with a few extra bags, two of which they handed over to me. They didn’t ask for this review though, so no, this isn’t a sponsored post.

Frankly, I don’t think I’d use the scrapbooking cards and cutouts, simply because I wouldn’t know how, and I’m not spending time actually GLUING anything down.

I love that heart-printed pen with the red ink though! It’ll be a nice alternative to my usual black gel pen. A different-colored ink can be a great way to highlight very important events in a busy planner.

I’ll be saving these Christmas-themed kits for… well, Christmas. I just hope I can hold off until then because, as I’ve learned, you can’t really preempt busy days months in advance, and you have to have some idea how you’re going to decorate.

Opening a Fukubukuro gift bag can make or break your day, depending on how rabid a planner girl you are. You either get leftover crap, or you get months’ worth of goodies you would have spent a lot of money on anyway. These ones from Paper Joy, at… P200 apiece (I think!!!!) were a huge bargain, in my opinion.

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