theBalm’s Liquid timeBalm Spot Concealer with Tea Tree Oil is like the friend who will make you soup and feed it to you when you’re at your darkest hour. It may not be the best soup in the world, but it sure tastes like relief.

My skin was the worst it had been in years, and I was convinced that nothing but tea tree products were helping. Gunkies who’ve had acne probably know how terrifying and frustrating it is to have to cover up breakouts with concealers that could potentially be making everything worse.

Just imagine my excitement when I realized that a concealer that had in it my favorite acne-fighting ingredient was actually available and being ignored in the nearest Beauty Bar.


One of my greatest complaints with this concealer is that there are only three shades available: Fair, Nude, and Honey. None of them matched my skin exactly. Fair was too light, and the other two were too dark. I decided to go with Nude since it was my closest match.


I love the green packaging and the clean, beautiful tea tree scent that isn’t strong enough to be bothersome. However, I would suggest a good sniff before purchasing because this second tube I got smelled a little… funkier than my first one, which I still had. By the time I realized this, it was too late to return the product. I took a chance and used it anyway and haven’t had any problems. I wouldn’t recommend doing the same though! I will not be responsible for reactions caused by gunk naughtiness.


The doe-foot applicator is definitely convenient, but not the most sanitary. My skin being what it was at the time, this bothered me a little. I made sure that my skin and fingers were as clean as I could possibly have gotten them before making applicator-to-face contact. One can simply put the gunk on a clean hand or a palette and work from there, but application will of course be a little bit more difficult. This product was designed for convenience, gunkies on the go, and spot treatment, all of which are precisely why theBalm chose a doe-foot applicator.


(Below the goop and a little bit to the right is a blended out swatch.)

It’s the weirdest thing. On my under eye circles, Nude is just the right lightness, but on the rest of my face and especially on my chin where my skin is darker, this concealer looks too dark instead of too light! I think it’s the intensely uneven pigmentation of my face that’s the problem though. I top everything off with my MAC MSFN and that pretty much helps even everything out.

The shade is also much too orange, even for my warm Asian skin. Coverage is very, very good, making it very easy to work with.

I also get several, no-maintenance hours of wear, except for mild creasing when used on the under eye area, for which it was not specifically made. I hadn’t been recommending this for eye bags until I used it for two days straight and got pretty good results despite the humidity. I’ve read a few other reviews saying that this creased terribly, but I really have not found that to be true. There is creasing, but I haven’t found a single concealer that doesn’t- and yes, that includes the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Basing this on what experience I’ve acquired doing makeup on myself and on others, setting a concealer with powder is necessary to make it stay put much better. The reviews claim that the Liquid timeBalm Concealer is too emolient, and I don’t know what other products they have in their collection, but this one is certainly¬†not the worst creaser in my collection! Along with the E.L.F. duo I just reviewed, I actually consider this to be one of the longest-wearing concealers, especially for a liquid.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the tea tree oil and its supposedly antibacterial effects. Like many products out there, this tea tree oil in concealer stuff seemed gimmicky. I didn’t actually expect this to help my skin at all. For the record, it DID help, albeit a little bit. Yes, it had a somewhat soothing effect on the more swollen and painful zits, but it did not make any of the blemishes go away. I think what’s important to note is that this concealer did not exacerbate the situation. I’m still calling this a godsend to people with acne.

The Liquid timeBalm Concealer retails for 875PHP. I rarely ever repurchase a product, opting instead to try others, but this one, I’ve found that I just can’t be without. Despite my healing skin and the disappointing shade selection, I think this is going to be in my personal kit for a very long time.

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