For Christmas, my friend Just gave me the Smashbox Eye Wish Palette, which, I have to say, has more good points than bad.

Because of the negative reviews on the 2009 palette, I honestly was not expecting much from this one. To my surprise, most of the shadows were as intensely pigmented as my face when I slid down two flights of stairs in a train station. The liners are beautiful, and the mini lid primer performed just as well as the full-size.

I was able to create this fun, kind of tropical-y look with the palette.

I sincerely apologize for the caveman-ish state of my brows. I get lazy, you know.

Face Gunk:
1. Bare Escentuals Prime Time
2. Make Up For Ever Concealer Palette No. 5
3. Nars Firming Foundation
4. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
5. Palladio Oil-absorbing Rice Powder
6. MAC Beauty Powder in Her Own Devices (Venomous Villains)

Eye Gunk:
1. Smashbox Eye Wish Palette 2010
2. Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Teakwood

3. MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso

Lip Gunk:
1. Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick in Sheer Buff


See that thing under the mirror? That is a set of cards containing look suggestions and instructions on how to apply the products. I personally think that they are very helpful and in good taste. I’ll probably be trying out each of the looks throughout the year. Hahah.

Highlighters and Shimmers

1st row (Highlighters)

As you can see, these colors are very, very light. No. 3 practically disappears into my skin, which I like because it makes for a very good shade to blend out other colors.

2nd row (Shimmers)

I haven’t had any problems with fall-out despite the shimmer. No. 7 (3rd from the left), which has gold shimmer and what, to me, looks like a somewhat frosty finish, is very interesting in that it catches light and kind of reflects different color dimensions.

Darker Colors and Liners

3rd row (Darker colors)

No. 9 may look very similar to No. 5 in the pan, but it actually applies a lot more bronze than the color above it, which is very copper. No. 12 would be disappointing in pigmentation IF it weren’t such a good medium black, unlike MAC’s Carbon, which is really just an overpriced piece of coal crap… But anyway, No. 12 glides on pretty smoothly and it doesn’t take a lot of work to get it from pan to brush to lid.

4th row (Liners)

I ADORE these colors! I love that Smashbox didn’t just throw in another black liner in this palette because come on, how many freaking black liners does a gunkie need? I don’t know about you, but I usually bring at least one separate black pencil liner despite having another one in the palette I happen to have in my purse. Though the colors here are a deviation from the standard black, they are dark enough that they’re still very wearable, even No. 15 (3rd from the left), a teal color which I find SO SO SO PRETTY. My only complaints are that, yes, they aren’t as opaque as I would like them to be, and that the pan register is totally misleading because the liners look so very different when applied. Also, I didn’t really have a problem with smudging or staying power, though I must note that I’ve only used one or two of them on the upper lash line. Because of how soft these are, I wouldn’t put these on my lower lash line (or water line, for that matter) because that area gets a bit oily and any product will have a harder time staying there anyway.

Primer and Mascara


It’s exactly the same as the full-size, except it’s smaller at 0.5mL (the full-size is 2.5mL). Consistency’s a bit thicker than the UDPP. What I do like about this is that it’s quite opaque, so coverage is really good. People with more intense lid discoloration or other flaws on their lids will appreciate this.


The brush is real shitty. I mean, just LOOK at it. It’s too fat, so it’s difficult to maneuver along the lashes, which makes it a bitch to get to the inner lashes. It’s pretty much a pain to use on the lower lashes as well. Formula’s very liquidy and takes a long time to dry. I also experienced the tiniest bit of smudging after about four hours.

Overall Gunkie Verdict: Drippingly Delightful. There were some hits and misses with this one, but it’s worth checking out. It was awesome for the most part. I especially recommend this to gunkies who enjoy shimmer and color, though the golds and neutrals still make this appropriate for those who just enjoy pops of color here and there.

Bye, gunkies! ‘Til next time! School resumes tomorrow, so I wouldn’t bet my kabuki on a quick update.

8 thoughts on “Smashbox Eye Wish Palette 2010”

  1. Ang ganda!
    Ganda nung look; simple, but with a pop of color. Wearable din siya for everyday outing. ^_~
    Ang ganda rin nung palette ate! Mga magkano kaya yan? =D
    I’m interested!
    — Jazelle

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