Saving Sally

Script needed saving too. The problem wasn’t the language; it was that it sounded like a Filipino trying very, very hard to write like an American. It’s why most of the jokes don’t land. Unnatural dialogue talaga. Overall, beautiful art and animation, great performances from the supporting characters, lackluster direction, off-beat edit, and indulgent, immature, graceless, awkward storytelling. And I just have to say it: I felt a little uncomfortable with the abuse part. It felt a little disrespectful because of how childish the subject matter was handled. Ang careless lang.

Oh, and final question: Why didn’t Sally want to be an engineer instead? So arbitrary that she would want to go to art school. The film is peppered with clumsy details like that. And I hated that pa-tweetums ending sequence. It was masturbation.

Die Beautiful

PUTANGINA ANG GANDA. I LAUGHED. I CRIED. I PEED A LITTLE IN MY PANTS. IT. WAS. PERFECT. This is one of the most important films of the decade, and not just for the gay community. YES, I SAID IT.

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