Lip stains are totally trending at the moment. Just when I thought they would be thrown into the drawers filled with the rejects every gunkie thinks are going to be rediscovered as “vintage” (aka moldy and disease-ridden), they pop up like cosmetic fungi and invade the summer scene. Of course, summer has long gone where I live, but then again the humidity never makes obsolete the need for low-maintenance gunk.

I think the return of True Blood might have played a part in the lip stain production spike. Come to think of it, the Vampire Media Movement seems to be going strong in general. Vampy red lipsticks just don’t cut it anymore. Now vampires can go out in the sun (sparkles or no) and have developed a more daytime appropriate lip. Thank goodness they never seem to pay attention to their cheeks though. Otherwise, I’d be reviewing a lip and cheek stain, which is a product I only wear if it’s absolutely necessary.

Since I have a perpetual need to be liked and accepted, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give the new Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm a try.

I got the shade Flame, which is a gorgeous mix of orange and pink. A lot of people describe it to be a coral, but I actually find it more fire engine red than coral. Perhaps because it’s a stain, it registers as coral on some people. It reminds me a lot of the iconic Fire and Ice lipstick, which has just recently been released in its vintage original packaging. Flame doesn’t look or apply anything like Fire and Ice, except that they both have this interesting combination of hot orange and cool pink.


As far as marker type lip stains go, this is one of the better ones. The very tip of it does get a bit dry, and unlike with felt tip liners, shaking this won’t really get the product out. It can be quite annoying when you’re trying to use the tip to get the color on the very edge of the lips or in the Cupid’s bow.


I very much dislike the packaging of the balm end. There’s a significant amount of product sticking out of the short stump of plastic. If you accidentally apply too much pressure or slip the cap on in a hurry, there’s a good chance the column of product will break. I really wish they had somehow created a twist-up sort of thing for it.

The balm itself is fantastic. It really gets rid of the dryness lip stains are notorious for effecting. It also gives a very subtle, healthy-looking gloss.


And there’s the pink and orange duo of amazing that I was talking about. As far as lip stains go, this is by far one of the most opaque I’ve found. Of course, especially with the type of applicator it comes with, it’s pretty difficult to really get an even opacity on the lips; that’s typical lip stain behavior which is why I am not a fan. However, unlike other lip stains that are truly a disaster if you try to build them up, doing the same thing with a Just Bitten produces a lovely result! I am now a believer! While it’s definitely a much bolder look than if you really just use one coat, building up the layers, to me, looks less sloppy while still keeping that “just bitten” look.


The staying power is awesome, even for a lip stain. Just for kicks, I took a hot shower while wearing this and bitch, it stayed on. Eating shamelessly will fade it, but will still leave… well, a stain, which, if you don’t recall, is what you bought it for. It bears mentioning that because of how well it stays put, this lip stain is most definitely NOT foolproof. If you make a mistake, you better have an excellent makeup remover around; otherwise, be prepared to peel off your own skin.


The color selection of the line is also pretty impressive. I’m going to get maybe one or two more shades once I get the chance.

The Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains retail for 595PHP.


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    1. It’s awesome for shameless eating! A lip stain won’t bleed like a lipstick will if it encounters grease. HEE! Lady-like shmady-like, I want to eat a tabo of bacon.

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