My usual tormenter waxer from Nail Files Tomas Morato had committed the ultimate betrayal–gotten pregnant and quit. Can you believe it? How could she!

I mean, I hadn’t gotten de-furred in a few months, but only because I couldn’t afford it. I wasn’t off bearing babies and abandoning my friends.

I was about to go on a beach trip and had to find a new tormenter waxer ASAP, so I did a quick Google search. The cheapest and nearest salon I found was Pink Parlour.

IMG_5543I went to their A. Venue branch. Pink Parlour is located on the ground floor.

IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5538 IMG_5537I have to admit… I found the decor somewhat questionable. It’s like the place was designed by someone who lived in a trailer in the ’80s and recently came into some money. Jennifer Coolidge, perhaps?

IMG_5536Thankfully, they get it right where it matters. This place has got some waxing A-W-A-R-D-S.

IMG_5539The place is pretty tight, aka masikip, but the nail stations looked cozy enough.


Now, because i’m super smart, I forgot to actually take pictures of the room where they torture strip it all off. What I can tell you is that they are super clean and super fast. I don’t think the session even took fifteen minutes!

My brazilian wax cost P1,000, which isn’t too bad, though Nail Files charges only P600. What I will commend though is that Pink Parlour’s staff is incredibly friendly, warm (but not cloying), and respectful. That’s especially notable when a strange woman is all up in your junk and tearing your pubes off.

Painless though? Of course not. Other bloggers will tell you otherwise, but come on. Try ripping one pube off and see if you don’t feel like swearing at your own momma. My advice? Take a painkiller (or two) forty-five minutes before getting waxed. You’ll still want to stab your waxer, but the prospect will seem a bit crazier. And this is coming from someone with a VERY high pain tolerance. Seriously, I haven’t so much as whimpered in a decade.

Ugly cried because of boys though… well, that’s another entry.

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