There’s an evil community of girls, and I am their newest recruit.

Around two months ago, I was in Shangri-la, rolling my eyes at the gel pens, washi tapes, and hand-crafted paper clips covering the too-small tables of a bazaar specifically targeted towards the creative planning community. Who would buy this crap? I thought to myself.

Apparently me. I bought ONE packet of stickers, stuck them to my work notebook at lunch, and eight weeks later, I have fifty-two rolls of washi tape, a Webster’s Pages personal planner, and an alarmingly large sticker collection.


And this can all be credited to that first sticker kit from Paper Joy PH. Thus began my love story with this seemingly innocent sticker shop and the cult of planner girls it caters to.

I’ve amassed quite the collection over the last couple of weeks, and it has been excruciatingly difficult to wait until this blog entry to use these sticker kits. Some of them ended up in my plain old notebook—it could not be helped—but here are what made it to this post (and soon, my new planner).


Do you think I’m done? Of course I’m not done.

Sometimes, Paper Joy collaborates with artists and produces these unique, quirky, adorably relatable stickers.


I saved my favorites for last! These floral wreaths and accents are printed on high quality paper. I’ve had them for weeks, but I just can’t bring myself to use them yet. I’m waiting for a special special special occasion.


Now this last one is my absolute favorite kit! And full disclosure: Paper Joy PH WAS kind enough to give this to me for free. It pays to be a loyal customer.


I’m sure if I encountered a real fox in the wild, it would make me its bitch, but can we all just agree that it is an astoundingly cute animal illustrated?

The print quality of these stickers are great, and the kiss cut is perfect. There are some shops that will sell sticker sheets that are falling apart because they cut too deep, but Paper Joy doesn’t have this problem.

The personal kits fit perfectly in the boxes of the dated week on 2 sheets I got from IMprints, a Laguna-based online shop that sells customized, perfectly sized fillers for different planner sizes. You can even choose the fonts and the weight of the paper (mine is 160gsm, which is perfect). Ivy, the owner of the store, is a patient woman if there ever was one, and her niceness and helpfulness should be criminal. She was super honest about production time (I was 3rd on the wait list), which wasn’t even that ridiculous, and shipping was super fast. She shipped it on a Saturday, and I got the package on Monday.


I kid when I say these planner girls are evil. I’ve really only encountered one evil bitch on a Facebook thread, but the rest of them are helpful, adhesive-covered angels. They don’t lie when they say that creative planning can be an expensive hobby, but it also incentivizes organization… which really leads to more productivity and therefore income… right? RIGHT?

No, really, it’s fun.

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