Before anything else, I need to say that I absolutely have not been hauling Palladio products. I’ve had the Eye Inks for a while already, and the subject of today’s scrutiny has been in a drawer for at least a year. I wish I could say I’d forgotten about it. Really, I do. Find out why in this review.

So this thing’s got a little mirror inside, which I actually find quite clear and accurate. I also like that there’s a little window through which you can see the eye shadows when the compact is closed. I would say the packaging is pretty sturdy. Especially because I happen to dislike this product and therefore secretly hope to destroy it, it has been sliding and bouncing around in my drawer for months upon months. The maltreatment has been in vain as the labels haven’t so much as rubbed off, and the eye shadows are still intact. The only damage I’ve managed to inflict upon it is scratching its shiny black surface.

It comes with typical sponge applicators, which are okay. I despise these types of applicators and usually just throw them away. However, as I never ever EVER reach for this product, I haven’t found the need to dispose of whatever annoying accessories it came with.

As you can see, the colors are very faint and weak. None of them are exciting either.

The leftmost one is the most disappointing because it’s such a bad payoff for what you see in the pan, which is a medium taupey brown with a satin finish. What you get instead is this half-hearted, muted shade. It isn’t an ugly color; it’s just not what it’s supposed to be according to what you are made to expect.

The middle shade is a shimmery, peachy champagne- a color I generally like in an eye shadow, but this one is just plain awful. Now THIS is ugly. Besides the fact that it’s very difficult to get the color to show up, the shimmers also give you a lot of fallout no matter how careful you are. And the shimmer factor is basically what you would want to use this for since the champagne hardly registers.

The rightmost shade, a medium peach with a satin finish, is the least annoying of the three; that’s not to say it isn’t as bad quality though. It’s a little bit more true to what you see in the pan, but still gives very disappointing payoff. While it will show up, I don’t find this peach to be something I reach for often because, like its compact-mates, it’s just not worth the work.

All three are too soft to work well once you start blending. Their particles are also too loose for them to stick to your skin, so you will get fallout (especially with that middle shade). None of them are very pigmented at all. On top of these, the resulting shades are just soooooo boring. Seriously, I could fall asleep just looking at them.

Now, why did I buy this, you say? Did I not swatch it in the store? Well, yes, I did swatch it, but all the Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Trios were on sale, and my ovum that was being evicted said I needed one. Shell was the least atrocious set, so I thought, well hey, Palladio is a good company. Maybe I’m just being my snipey, nega self, and really this compact is super amazing; I bet a few days from now, I will be happier and one ovum lighter, and I will wear these shadows and transform into Catherine Zeta-Jones… Trust me, it’s been a year and I’m still a tubby Asian girl.

Don’t ask me what that “Couture” label is there for either. As far as I’m concerned, these things are called “Herbal Eyeshadow Trios.” I am not aware of this being a collection or a limited edition line. In any case, considering that nothing from this line is very bold or innovative at all, it baffles me that Palladio considered these even remotely couture.

Thank goodness I got this on sale! I forget how much I paid for it exactly, but I wouldn’t buy this again if Zac Efron sold it to me for a make-out session.

These compacts are fairly cheap at 325PHP, every peso of which isn’t worth it.

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