When I say that my hands are shaky, I mean they are crazy epileptic. They are so shaky that sometimes when I eat, I have to CHASE THE SPOON WITH MY MOUTH.

Why then do I own three Palladio Eye Inks in addition to several other liquid eyeliners? All I know is that my hands behave much better when I’m doing makeup. Oh, there have been several painful eye-poking incidents featuring mascara wands and even pencil liners, but generally, I can hold off most of the shaking until I’ve created successful cat eyes.

The Palladio Eye Inks are a pretty good buy in my opinion, though they are by no means perfect. Click below for swatches and a full review.

The Palladio Eye Ink comes in a sturdy and compact little tube that’s ideal for traveling. It has a typical rotate-y cap thing that’s easy to remove, but will seal the product off well enough that the felt tip liner won’t just dry out and get useless. However, you do have to shake the tube (with the cap on of course) in order to get the product going.

These are pen type felt tip liners, so you do get a lot of control in terms of where you want your lines to go. However, as is expected of felt tips, it’s a little bit more difficult to thin out a line especially as you approach the inner corner. There’s just enough give to the tip that’s still great for steady control, but I find it to be a wee bit too stiff if I want to create a specific shape that requires… more swooping lines and such. I guess I wouldn’t use any felt tip liner for jobs like those anyway.

As you can see, the packaging is pretty good quality and the applicator doesn’t fray easily. I use the brown one quite a bit and the tip is still as good as new. I would refrain from using this on other people because of sanitation issues; these types of products are more for personal use- unless you just give this to a client or detube the product, in which case, why would you buy this if not for the packaging and the applicator? I wouldn’t say this is a must-have for a makeup artist’s kit, and I can’t really think of a way to clean or disinfect felt tip applicators.

I have the shades Black, Dark Brown, and Navy. I find that the labels rub off quite easily, which can be annoying for someone like me who has to refer to product names often.

The formulation is on the watery side and is quite inconsistent in terms of pigmentation. The black is pretty opaque, while the brown is just a bit less so. The navy, on the other hand, applies quite unevenly and is the most watery of the three. It is such a lovely color though, and not impossible to work with. It is especially important to shake the tube well so that the product doesn’t come out as watery.

Palladio describes the Eye Ink to be fast drying, which I have NOT found to be true. Once I have this on my lid, I find that I have to keep my eyes lowered for quite some time (I would say at least a minute) before the product sets. Otherwise, I end up with empty patches that I have to fill in again. Once the product sets though, it will stay put. It is pretty water resistant but will easily come off with regular makeup remover.

Palladio is available in Beauty Bar and the Eye Inks retail for 450PHP each. Be sure to test the product out at the counter because they may give you an old dried up tube that will be utterly useless. I know because it happened to me. If it happens to you though, be sure to keep the receipt and exchange the product for a new one the very next day.

All in all, I think the Palladio Eye Ink is on the better side of midrange liquid liners. I like it better than the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner, which is even more annoyingly watery and has a felt tip that frays like a nerd’s nerves. For the price, I didn’t really expect the Eye Ink to be perfect, and it did very much exceed my expectations. Even the navy one is something that I reach for quite often. If I liked the other colors enough, I think I would actually buy them, too.

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  1. Hi! Have you tried any gel eyeliners? If you have, what brand do you recommend? BTW, I just recently discovered your site and it’s sooo helpful for me! Keep it awesome! 😉

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