The reactions to my post earlier this week have been overwhelming. I wanted to eat ten thousand cupcakes out of happiness, but I didn’t because I loved myself enough to want to be healthy. That’s how you get someone to lose weight, by the way. You raise their self-esteem.


By nature, cupcakes are a happy species.


I was really surprised by some of the responses too. For example, I did not realize that some of my guy friends had issues with their weight. One of their girlfriends messaged me to say that she wishes her boyfriend could see himself through her eyes. A beautiful girl I went to school with said she could relate. Another girl had an aunt who insisted on WEIGHING HER AT A PARTY.

I cannot make this up, you guys. Body positivity is still confined to our news feeds. And apparently no one is impervious to body-shaming. Lena Dunham’s ass may be on HBO, but that doesn’t mean our aunts are liking it.


I will continue to hold up this ass as the paragon of body positivity.


Think about that for a second. Are your aunts and uncles ripped? Do they NOT have guts and asses? If they hate Lena Dunham’s ass, and if they’re bothered by yours enough to “call you out” for being fat, how do they feel about their own bodies? My guess is not good. And I feel sorry for them.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last couple of days, it is that there’s still a lot of kindness and compassion in this world. Friends and strangers took a few moments out of their busy days to lend support to one another and tell me I looked fine…

And that they wanted my terno!


You like me, you really really like me
One ore time, with feelings.


For which, by the way, I’d made a matching dress for my niece.


They like us. They really really like us.
They like us. They really really like us.


I’m gonna be producing more of these to sell in my shop. And that was really the point of this post. Please buy my clothes because I’m broke. HA.

Seriously though, if anyone has ever made you feel bad about your body, and if you’ve ever felt worse because you didn’t put that cunt in their place, know that you’re not alone. We can’t all be heroes of fat all day everyday. You’re gorgeous, even when you choose propriety over empowerment. If you aren’t at your ideal weight, you can get there. If you don’t like your ass, you can accessorize that shit.


Accessorize that shit.


The assholes have a much bigger problem.

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