So I went to my first free makeup workshop last week. It was held at Weddings and Beyond, Level 4, Rustan’s Makati. I was hoping for freebies, but that didn’t really happen. Instead, I ended up buying more stuff than I could afford because I wanted the free makeup kit.

The workshop itself wasn’t really all that great, in my opinion. The makeup artist they hired to hold the workshop, fabulous though she was, worked for a different company and didn’t seem to know much about the products. Neither did the actual Nars people, actually. The one look taught to us wasn’t very exciting either- nothing you couldn’t learn from a two-minute YouTube tutorial. I kind of felt like they were trying to sell us stuff more than they genuinely wanted to educate. Of course, sales and profit are inevitably the targeted result, but I would’ve appreciated just a little bit more subtlety in the form of ACTUAL information. As it was, I just kind of felt like they just held the workshop so they could pretend that they cared about their customers. I wouldn’t have minded that if they had been just a little less obvious.

However, the Nars representatives were very friendly, and I feel that I actually got a good deal out of my splurge.

Nars packaging! It is always so sleek and pretty.

Sam, the makeup artist. She had awesome skin, and insanely perfect hair.

For some reason, they gave us some sponges and some cotton but no products. During the demonstration, Sam kept telling us to “try it out,” and we were like, “with what?”

The model for the day. Sadly, I forget her name. 🙁 I think it was Cathy or something. She had no pores.

Fellow gunkies!

Samples we couldn’t get to during the demo.

Of course, I swatched just about everything. Swatching. It’s really my passion.

I also met the beautiful Kristine Smithson of Belly and Beauty. She’s the gorgeous lady in the middle. I’d gone there straight from school and looked like a freaking homeless person with runny makeup next to her. Precisely why I didn’t take pictures of myself. Hahah. I’ve no idea what the names of those two other people are.

I also wish they had set up a camera and a screen so we could see close-ups of what Sam was doing, but like I said, they didn’t seem to actually care if we learned anything during the workshop.

All in all, I’m very disappointed with the event. The only reason I’m not gunk furious is the fact that the products I did buy, I’m very happy with. The make-up kit is AWESOME. It is the best make-up kit in the world. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Nars. I’ll be posting pictures of my purchases within the week hopefully.

Gunkie out!

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