As I haven’t been able to do tutorials lately (a consequence of the current state of my skin), I’ve been reviewing products. I have a feeling that product reviews might actually be a little bit more helpful. It also doesn’t hurt that reviews make me show up on Google a lot more often, hahah.

Today we’ll be reviewing one of the boldest pink lipsticks I’ve ever seen: Make Up For Ever’s Rouge Artist Intense #36.

Each Rouge Artist Intense lipstick does come in a box, which I lost a long time ago. The housing itself is square-shaped with a glossy finish. On the bottom is a label that resembles the color of the actual lipstick- a very helpful and lovely little detail!

One thing I don’t like is that they don’t actually put the name of the shades on the label, making it difficult to remember them. On their website, #36 is described or named as “Satin Fuschia.”

A minor peeve I have with this line of lipsticks is the shape of the actual product in the tube. It’s such an awkward shape! I prefer my lipsticks to have a pointed tip; in case I don’t have a lip liner or brush, I’d still be able to get a good lip shape. With this lipstick’s rounded tip though, it’s very difficult to get right in the cupid’s bow area and create a V-shape.

This is a bright, BRIGHT lipstick. It’s a very hot pink, so if you’re not partial to loud colors, stay away from this one. Most of the bad reviews this lipstick gets is because the reviewers thought it was “too bright,” which is annoying because that’s totally the point! It is most definitely not an everyday color if you’re a nude lipstick type of gal. For someone like me though, anything is an everyday color. Hahah.

This is a hot pink in the sense that it’s very bright and very pink, but in terms of actual shade description, this is a fuschia, a cool-toned pink. I find this color to be quite interesting. I think it has a lot of depth. Depending on how much you layer it on, it can warm up a little bit where it’s most opaque. Unlike a lot of fuschias, this one doesn’t look even remotely purple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dupe of this lipstick, nor do I think it will be easy to find one. It’s definitely a very unique color.

The formula feels quite creamy and very comfortable. I didn’t think it would be all that long-lasting because of how much slip it had, but to my surprise, it mostly stayed put even after a few hours during which I drank and ate LIGHTLY. I’m not saying this has the staying power of those 12-hour lipsticks, but #36 definitely has above average wear duration in comparison to standard lipsticks.

It’s also very opaque and applies quite evenly. It is very intensely pigmented and does not at all accentuate lines and dryness. It’s a very beautiful, very consistent bluish pink shade.

This is a satin finish, which is somewhere between matte and glossy. I find this to be a perfect choice for the finish. They didn’t try to tone it down by mattifying it, and they also didn’t go overboard with gloss and/or shimmer. The result is pure awesomeness. If this lipstick were a high school stereotype, it would be the coolest kid on campus, the one who doesn’t seem like he/she is even trying. I don’t know about you, but I totally wish I were that kid.

When I used this lipstick in an FOTD, a lot of people commented that they didn’t think a shade like this would look flattering on them. Since this is a very cool pink, I can understand the reservations of warm-skinned gals. However, on my NC25-30 skin, I think it looks freaking awesome. I definitely think this will pop even more against deeper skin tones. If the question is on whom this will look most flattering though, I would have to say those with light and cool skin.

So in terms of how many consumers this lipstick will most likely attract, the list is pretty limited: those who have pale and cool skin, and those who like bold lipsticks. Most of my friends don’t think they can pull off MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense #36, and while I disagree and am in love with it, I can understand how this may not exactly be causing much excitement especially in the Asian market where a lot of people have warm skin tones.

MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks retail at 1,280PHP each.

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