The moment MUFE’s Aqua Liners showed up in a Pixiwoo video, I knew I wanted them. According to MUFE, these liners are the favorite of synchronized swimmers. Also, mermaids.

I got one in a color I knew I would love as soon as its teal gorgeousness popped up on my computer screen.


I really love how MUFE makes their packaging extremely convenient for us gunkies. Each tube is the color of the product inside it, so it’s easy to grab a specific one from Narnia- I mean, my drawer. (Comment on my inaccurate metaphors and see how rabidly I eat your face.)

I got the shade No. 5, which is a straightforward blue on the outside, but a happier teal on the inside.


It comes with a felt tip applicator that I do not love. The length is kind of awkward for me. Sam of Pixiwoo thinks it’s too short; I think it’s too long and thin. I guess this is just a matter of preference. I’m sure a lot of people will find the length comfortable. I prefer to apply it with a tapered eyeliner brush, but for convenience, the applicator is what I end up using most of the time.

The product looks like a much deeper blue than it is when applied. I actually thought I had picked up the wrong shade in the store. This is why we swatch, people!


Now is the time to gasp. Yes, the color is THAT gorgeous. It’s this amazing teal with a healthy dose of shimmer. The formula feels a little watery, but a little shake of the bottle will give the product much better opacity. It applies smooth, opaque, and with shimmer that shows up tastefully. It’s very, very easy to work with.

The lasting power, for which this waterproof liner is known, is quite impressive. This thing will not budge unless it is taken off with a very good makeup remover. Even with my MAC Pro Makeup Remover, the liner still left a bit of a stain which took a little bit more effort (and another cotton ball) to remove.

As for its waterproofness, I must say that I was a bit disappointed. I went and saw No Other Woman wearing this, knowing that I would be sobbing my way through half the movie, and to my disappointment, the liner did smudge a little. I might have rubbed it with a tissue, but definitely not hard enough that it should have moved a supposedly budge-proof product. However, undisturbed, the liner will stay put until it’s removed.


Here’s how I wore it that day. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of it smudged. You’ll have to take my word for it, inaccurate metaphors and all, hohoho.


MUFE’s Aqua Liners retail at 1,380PHP each. The many shades are absolutely gorgeous, and the formula is one of the best I’ve seen in a liquid liner. Seriously guys, you have to check these out!

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