If I hadn’t been so indecisive, I could’ve worked faster and been able to accessorize! Ah, well, I think I did well, if I may say so myself.

The Snow Queen/Ice Princess look is definitely one of my favorites. I have a feeling I will be redoing this, except with more bling! Enjoy! Don’t forget to view below the cut for more pictures!

Models are models for a reason. Joanne’s face is just… a pleasure to view.

And then Ms. Yuki showed us how to use the other pro products on the other half of Joanne’s face.

It’s so much fun painting Laurie’s face.

What this is missing: falsies and rhinestones!

This picture is why Laurie is a model.

To prove I was really there, here’s my shoulder.


That was a lot of fun. So was today, actually (Day 8), except I forgot to bring my SD card!!! MUFE let me borrow theirs, but I was able to take very few photos. 🙁

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