The shine and shimmer part of this, which was the whole point of the whole class, was an epic fail. I guess while I was doing my friend Lara’s fez, I kind of began to forget everything had to be shiny. What it ended up being was an explosion of color, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I kind of like how everything turned out, though I was again pretty much aimless. As per usual, I do need to be a lot less clumsy, but overall, this look was fun for me.

See how much shine we were supposed to produce?

Ms. Yuki accidentally began to create the flag of Italy.

Tania and her model are GOR. JAZ.

And of course Tania’s work was beautiful.

But she didn’t have my Kulot.

According to me and Kulot, this was high fashion.

Lara looks so pretty here, and I cannot get over it!

Hello, poofy hair!

It’s just so much fun playing with the MUFE products! Sometimes, I get really overwhelmed. It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that I work best when I’ve got my looks planned and strategized. I loved the colors here, though, so I’m probably gonna try this look again on my own face and make it neater. Hahah.

Thanks for your time, Kulot! And yours too, gunkies!

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