I’m getting much better at this! Day 3 went much better than the previous days, though I still haven’t perfected the super clean cat eye.

It was a bit more difficult because the gorgeous Khamille’s crease folded over onto her entire lid. It’s always a good thing to get used to different eye shapes though! I just really need to stop being so clumsy. Hahah.

Of course Ms. Yuki’s work was flawless. She’s not the teacher for nothing.

Left: ’50s glamour makeup, Right: ’60s mod look

And my interpretations weren’t such a disaster, I don’t think!

Damn, thank goodness people don’t really have eyes this disproportionate.

I’m so digging purple lipstick on me.

The makeup talk stops here. 😀 After class, Khamille and I went to eat LAMB BURGERS with her boyfriend, Miel.

He brought her flowers!

I wish somebody would bring me flowers. Or lamb burgers.


Is it just me or is this morphing into a food blog? :))

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