Day 2 went much better! My model was Laurie, another girl whose skin I envied. She was the model provided by MUFE. I noticed how she and Joanne, the other model, were so used to doing this that they didn’t have to be directed much and would pose for pictures such that the makeup was the focus. Ang galing lang.

Before I went to class, I had lunch with Frantagonist and Cata.

Cata likes stickers. She pimped my phone, but I accidentally peeled the sticker off while fingering it this afternoon. 🙁 That’s okay though; there’s another one on my camera’s battery charger.

She had cereal while I had real food.

Fran arrived and then I had to leave. 🙁

Do you recognize Ms. Yuki’s Face of Concentration?

She did a more editorial look using colors and techniques from the 1930s.

She did the other half the 1940s way.

I’m kind of bummed humanity left behind the totally fake eyebrows look. Thank goodness for drag queens!

I decided to just do the 1940s glamour look because I was too lazy to erase eyebrows.

Laurie was such a pro.

Why does my face always look so white in pictures? It doesn’t seem to matter what sort of foundation I use!

Laurie, my only classmate Tania (CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE’S GOT AN EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD SON?), and her twice made over model Joanne.

I’m beginning to feel more confident handling other people’s faces. Also, WTF MY EYEBAGS NEED MORE CONCEALER.

One thought on “Maquillage Professionnel Day 2 – ’30s and ’40s Makeup”

  1. hi ang ganda niyo lahat and ang ganda ni tania ‘kei?!!
    and great job on laurie ang ganda talaga.
    tignan mo yung pinost ko sa wall mo na photo, pagawa sa’kin nun! atsaka gusto ko rin magmodel for you hahahhaah

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