So my cousin Pia arrived from the States last week and true enough, she got me the MAC Wonder Woman Spitfire lipstick! And the MAC Wonder Woman Russian Red lipstick, too! I think the Russian Red was meant for my mom, who hardly wears makeup anyway, so it of course ended up with me.

Even before my not-so-wonderful launch experience that occurred what seems like a lifetime ago, I was so excited about the Wonder Woman collection that I bought matching underwear from Topshop! In addition to that, I WAS able to buy one of the Opulashes thanks to Mikey, one of the nicer MAC people. Click below for reviews and swatches!


Opulash Mascara in Army of Amazons

Finally, a MAC mascara I like! I find the formula to be excellent! It dries quickly and doesn’t smudge (though it is not waterproof) or flake. This is labeled volumizing, but because of the color, it’s pretty difficult to tell if it really does its job in that department. I will say, however, that my lashes do seem a little bit thicker after one coat. I’m guessing the black Opulash will do a pretty good job when it comes to thickening the lashes. I also find that this, unlike other volumizing mascaras, does not clump! For a girl with extremely thin and sparse lashes, the formula is definitely a huge selling point.

The green color is what initially attracted me as it is such an unusual color to find in a mascara. And mind you, it’s not just your average forest green- it’s a gorgeous milky cyan that leans more green than blue. On my black lashes, it showed up pretty well, though it won’t coat the hairs completely. I have not found a colored mascara that does that good of a job anyway.

Perhaps the only thing I don’t like about this is the size of the brush. The bristles are fantastic and probably have a lot to do with how well the mascara works in terms of volumizing and preventing clumping. But the brush is freaking gargantuan. It’s certainly not foolproof if you have small eyes like yours truly. It’s a bit difficult to get to the inner lashes and definitely on the lower ones.

Lipsticks in Spitfire and Russian Red

Left: Spitfire, Right: Russian Red

Spitfire was worth the ranting and waiting. At the end of my conversation with the rude MAC rep, I definitely wanted to spit fire at her, but thanks to relatives residing in a country where apparently people don’t have to kill their way to a MAC launch, I have Spitfire anyway. And that rude lady didn’t get commission off of my money. ANYWAY, for a lipstick called “Spitfire,” I don’t find this to be very bold or daring at all. That is not to say that it’s not a pretty color; in fact, it’s a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS PLUMMY PINK. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so wearable either! It’s a satin finish that glides on easily and opaquely. It doesn’t take a lot of work to get the color to show up on even my pigmented lips. I also find that it doesn’t accentuate dryness or flakiness. If you can find this lipstick online, seriously, go order it. I dealt with a very arrogant MAC rep and waited a month for this and it was well worth the stress.

Russian Red of course needs no introduction. It’s a permanent shade and probably the most well-known MAC lipstick. Though this is a blue-based red, it’s considered a universal color because it seems to just magically adjust to flatter even warm-skinned gals like me. I already had this shade in the normal packaging and I’m definitely happy to have a back-up. Russian Red is a matte finish but isn’t drying, and it’s very opaque and easy to work with. The wear is standard; this will come off if you eat or drink, etc. I keep comparing this to Revlon’s In the Red, which is my all-time favorite red lipstick, though I wouldn’t call it a dupe. If we’re rating universal red lipsticks, I still think In the Red kicks every other red lipstick’s butt. Russian Red, however, is popular for a reason. It’s just gorgeous and high quality. Period.

And here are my Wonder Woman panties that I haven’t used because I was waiting to do this review!

As you can see, I got it from Topshop. And now you know my panty size. :))

That’s all, folks! Gunkie out!

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