Why, hello, gunkies! Contrary to popular belief (and by popular, I really mean the handful of people reading my blog), I have neither died nor gone to live in the deep woods where the Internet cannot find me. I come to you with an offering of a review.


Paramount is a satin finish, which is almost a matte, but not quite. Satins are like mattes, except more comfortable and a little bit softer-looking.


Nope, you are not imagining it, that’s a brown lipstick you’re seeing. Granted, it’s got red undertones, but it is an unmistakably dark brown color. The color is very ’90s; it’s so wrong, it’s crossed over to right.


Prepare yourselves for a somewhat strange account.

Upon first application, Paramount feels quite wet. Along with this lovely texture comes good slippage and opacity. Using it with a brush, I realized that the color faded to a ghastly stain. Blotting INITIALLY (and I will explain this specification in a bit) presented the same problem. I would never go out with a lipstick this dark without taking the proper precautions- I’m so totally over the lipstick on the teeth thing- so the disappointing results after blotting were a big deal for me.

I had to provide you people with a good lip swatch though, so I decided to apply a second coat- this time straight from the tube. I of course got better pigmentation and opacity, though I was annoyed by the work it took to get the color to show up better. In order to optimize a lipstick’s lasting power, one must apply two coats and blot every time anyway, but I personally don’t believe one should have to do this for the color itself to look like what it’s supposed to.

Anyway, here’s the fun part. A few minutes later, I looked in the mirror (because apparently, I randomly look in the mirror every few minutes), and the lipstick had sort of DRIED┬áto a lovely and opaque satin finish. I then blotted again to see if most of it would come off, leaving the ugly stain, and lo and behold, the excess came off, but the color on my lips remained lovely. I have NEVER, in my two years as a gunkie, encountered this weirdness with a lipstick! I’m not complaining though; results are results.


On my lips, it looks redder than I would have liked. However, I wouldn’t say it fails as a brown lipstick. I would describe it as an almost vampy brown, a refreshing change from my go-to deep plums and dark reds.

One won’t get satisfactory opacity upon first application and blotting, but the work is worth it. The formula, even after it has “dried” or “set,” is not dry-ing. It wore comfortably as it was neither too slippery nor too dry.┬áParamount won’t accentuate lines and cracks, though as I’ve said before, lipsticks aren’t lip balms; if you start off with horribly chapped lips, there’s not much even a good lipstick will do for you.

Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase. I’ll probably be wearing this lippie for at least a week straight as a welcome change from my everyday reds.

MAC lipsticks retail at 1,000PHP each.


Thanks for the attention, my lovelies! I do hope you forgive me for the sporadic posting. Life has been crazy and relentless. Gunkie out!

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