MAC’s amplified finish is one of my favorite lipstick finishes in the market. Combine it with a very bold shade and we have an inevitable  gunkie pick!

Morange comes in MAC’s standard bullet packaging. It is a permanent shade.

This lipstick is most definitely not for the faint of heart. MAC describes it as a loudmouth orange. Because it is an amplified finish, it has very rich pigmentation and will apply quite intensely.

As far as how wearable this lipstick is, I think it may be too much for the average lipstick wearer. However, I dare say that a crazy lipstick gunkie will actually find this to be on the tamer side of bold. While it is unmistakably orange, I still detect some red undertones making it slightly more wearable. I personally find this grounding of the shade quite unwelcome (though NOT unpleasant) because I’m currently on the hunt for an almost neon orange. In even slightly dimmer lighting, it looks red, which can be disappointing when you’re expecting a crazy orange.

Let it be said that I do NOT dislike this shade in any way. I mean, LOOK AT IT. IT IS GORGEOUS.

My swatches look a lot different from Temptalia’s– Morange looks much more orange in hers- but as far as this gunkie can tell, this is more or less what Morange looks like in natural sunlight.

This lipstick won’t be the way to go if you’re looking for a stain. This being an amplified finish, the color swatches very intense and pigmented. It will also catch a significant amount of light as amplified lipsticks are glossier than satins, but less wet-looking than lustres.

While it is most certainly an opaque shade, I do find that Morange does need a bit of work to get it to apply perfectly even on the lips. The staying power is standard; like most any lipstick, this needs to be reapplied when it’s been disturbed or after a few hours.

I have found that the formula does dry out my lips a little bit after a while, though not to an unmanageable or very annoying state. I wouldn’t say this is a very moisturizing lipstick, but then again, I never rely on lipsticks to keep my lips from drying out.

As far as whom this shade will flatter, I don’t think it’s an appropriate consideration for this particular lipstick. This is one of those shades that don’t intend to flatter. Regardless of your skin tone, it’s gorgeous if you appreciate bold and bright lipsticks, and absolutely hideous if you don’t. You have to take it for what it is.

MAC’s lipstick in Morange retails for 1,000PHP. It has been my favorite lipstick for a couple of weeks now. I love pairing it with a simple aqua blue eye liner for a truly colorful look!

Thanks for reading! Wish my skin luck. I do miss making tutorials. 🙁

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