I’m really getting sick and tired of the bad customer service I keep getting from MAC Cosmetics, Philippines.

Last year’s Venomous Villains debacle was upsetting enough and now it’s happening again with the Wonder Woman collection.

I had been trying to get on their mailing list for a year now and by the time they finally emailed me about the Wonder Woman collection, it was too late. MAC Glorietta had ALREADY launched and I had already scheduled other things for the other dates. On top of that, before I even got the email, MAC Glorietta had told me that the MAC Powerplant launch would be on March 28, which is on a Monday.

Apparently not.

There’s no way I can make it to that launch today so I called MAC Powerplant last night and this morning to try and have ONE Spitfire lipstick reserved. The girl I talked to last night said she couldn’t help me, so I called this morning and asked to talk to the manager. I’ve had bad experiences with this manager in the past, so I really shouldn’t be surprised that she was just as rude this morning.

Basically, she told me that it wasn’t their fault that their FELLOW MAC SALESPEOPLE gave me the wrong information and that I should have called to confirm. Question: Why the hell would I assume that the information they gave me was incorrect? They seemed pretty darn sure of themselves when they gave it!

And then she said lots of people were coming in from other provinces just for the collection and that I should just have someone go over there to purchase ONE lipstick from them, which I tried to do last night, but I don’t exactly have an arsenal of friends or servants at my beck and call. I said, “I know you’re just trying to be fair, but you’re being unfair to me also.” To this she replied with a better phrased, “you should have called to confirm. Some people came here from far-off lands just to confirm.”

She kept telling me she had other people to attend to (though the launch was still thirty minutes away), and that she basically had no time to keep talking to me.

Me, the girl who, last December, she accused of being a liar when she gave me a bad paint pot, and whom, when screwed out of the Venomous Villains collection last year, she never apologized to.

There was not ONE real apology in our conversation this morning and frankly, I keep waiting for ANY of the MAC representatives here to prove that what I think of them- that they are the only salespeople in the world who are specifically trained to NEVER say “Sorry”- is wrong.

I just want ONE lipstick. Despite their ATROCIOUS return policy (you can’t return their products even if you’ve only touched them to TEST them, in which case, why would you return a product you just bought and haven’t gotten the chance to dislike? Also, you only have 24 hours to decide whether or not you like the product and to return it), I’ve spent money on MAC, been polite to their staff, researched and recommended their products, asked about the Wonder Woman collection for MONTHS, and set aside money for it. I just thought that should have been worth something.

Well, I’m just one person, so apparently, MAC just doesn’t care. 😐


I’m well aware that MAC Powerplant isn’t under Rustan’s. However, MAC is ONE COMPANY. They carry ONE NAME. Salespeople, whether or not they are trained and educated makeup artists, have a responsibility to us, the consumers, and to the company they work for to make sure that they treat people with respect.

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  1. I order a MAC product on their website, 2 week passed, they drew money from my credit card, but in my order status there is written “order cancelled” and thet haven’t sent to me my order and money. I wrote them four e-mail about this problem, but they haven’t replied me. They deceive me:-(

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