I consider Laura Mercier to be a very feminine, elegant brand. Its entire line, from packaging to shade selection, always has an air of sophistication about it. As I haven’t a sophisticated bone in my body, this may be why I don’t own a lot of Laura Mercier products. You may not laugh.

Let it be said that I don’t hate the brand! Quite the opposite in fact. When it comes to neutrals and No-Makeup makeup, LM has some of the most gorgeous products. I sigh and lovingly swatch half the products on display every time I pay Rustan’s a visit. The only reason I don’t splurge on LM gunk is because I would rather spend money on crazy WTF colors than neutrals that would serve the same purpose as the ones I already have in my collection.

I thought it was about time I tried a more Lisa Eldridge approach to doing my eyebrows. She seems to have a propensity for a more natural look when it comes to eyebrows; unless a look calls for it, she never draws them on very structured and precise.

Nobody does natural better than Laura Mercier, so I headed over there and picked up this brow powder duo.


I went for Deep Blonde because I thought the shades would be the most versatile for my ever-changing hair color.


The packaging is lovely. It’s sleek, compact, and has a nice mirror that doesn’t bend or disfigure images. I do wish that it came with some sort of applicator, even a slightly substandard one. This is a product that perhaps wasn’t designed for on-the-go application, but still! They put a mirror in there for a mirrorless situation; If I didn’t have time to do my makeup in front of a more comfortable mirror, I definitely wouldn’t count on me remembering to stuff a brow brush into my makeup kit. I mean, even E.L.F. put one in their eyebrow kit.


Both the shades are subtle, taupey browns. They are pigmented enough to show up but not so much that they won’t look natural. The wear is also quite excellent. I usually like to extend my eyebrows to a tapered point and sometimes have a problem with the ends disappearing as the day progresses. I did not have that problem with this duo. I mostly use the darker side, though I mix a bit of the lighter one to feather out the inner part of the brows.


Here’s what it looks like on me (click here for the full FOTD). It’s very inconspicuous, though it still makes a huge difference. My face just doesn’t look complete without filling in the brows. This does the job and at the same time, has people wondering, “does she or does she not have eyebrows on?”


Laura Mercier’s Brow Powder Duo kits are 995PHP each. If I didn’t wake up so late all the time, not leaving even a few minutes to do my makeup, this would be my everyday eyebrow product.

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