Why Wet ‘n’ Wild is awesome:
1. They’re cruelty-free.
3. Products have amazing quality, especially for the price.

Here’s the tutorial for the look I’m wearing.

Mega Eyes creme liner in Black

This is an amazing drugstore find (though I bought it in a department store). It’s not the miracle product gurus have made it out to be, but it is nonetheless an excellent product to have in your collection. It’s super long-lasting; the thing won’t budge, unless you use make-up remover- THEN it will come off. I don’t think I even mind so much that I’d have to clean any brush I use with this right away. You’d have to do that with any cream/gel liner anyway. It isn’t as creamy as I would like, but it’s not so dry and hard that it’s going to be impossible to work with that’s what she said.

I’m not a huge fan of the brush that comes with it. Sure, it’s dense, stiff, isn’t frayed, and does what it’s supposed to do, but I find that I have nowhere to put it. I can’t just throw it in my makeup drawer after use because it still has all that gunk on it, and I can’t put it in my pen holder with the other brushes because it’s too short.


Left to Right: 516C, 508A, 912C

Didn’t really find the available shades very exciting. Textures are so-so. They ARE very pigmented and one swipe gives great coverage. I’m not too happy with the 516C as it is a little too shimmery for my liking. However, for less than a hundred bucks a pop, I don’t mind having it on my lipstick rack. The matte one, the 912C, is more expensive at around… two hundred, I think.

Oh, and I wish they’d given these things names. ­čÖü

Creme Lipliner in Berry Red and Kohl Brow-Eyeliner in Taupe

Berry Red


Left to Right: Berry Red, Taupe

Love the lipliner! I swatched the other shades, but this seemed to be the only one that was creamy enough to work with. Hard lipliners are the worst. Anyway, this one is a true red that I use with most of my brighter red lipsticks.

I find that the brow pencil disappears like THAT. I have to sharpen it after EACH EYEBROW. I guess that’s because of the creaminess. It was really cheap though, so I don’t really mind that it’s going pretty quick.

Idol Eyes creme shadow pencils in Distress and Pixie

Left to right: Distress, Pixie

I really like these pencils. They’re pretty decent, especially for the price. They’re super pigmented and easy to work with. They’re excellent for when you’re in a hurry; swipe and blend, and you’re done.

Edit: HATE THESE. Sorry! Should’ve waited ’til I’d worn it ’til the end of the day before giving a review. These WILL crease. Yes, they do glide on really easily, but only because they don’t have much stick AT ALL. They will rub off at the slightest disturbance!

Diamond Brilliance lip sheens

Left to right: 617, 612

These, for me, were the biggest surprise. I’m very hard to please when it comes to lipglosses. I’m more of a lipstick gal, you see. I find that most drugstore lipglosses are too sheer to excite me. However, these are just… wonderful. You just have to try them for yourselves. They’re pigmented and juicy and sparkly. I really wish they’d given these names, too. If you fall in love with a shade, good luck having someone else buy it for you if you forgot what its code thing is. Names would make them easier to remember, too. Also, I wish some of them had less shimmer or were less frosty, but what the hell. They were cheap.

Color Icon palette in Lust

My favorite part about this palette is that it’s got three matte shades (left), and three shimmers (right).

Yes, it is true that some of these shadows are better than SOME MAC shadows, but only some! It’s not that I was disappointed with this palette AT ALL- the shadows are incredibly pigmented, and perform fine with primer underneath- they’re just not the flawless products makeup gurus have made them out to be. Yes, this is one of the best drugstore palettes I’ve seen- the color payoff is great, the color choices are INCREDIBLE- I just wouldn’t trade, say, a Nars palette for one of these.

But overall, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT BUY, and I would recommend it to anyone.


What is with me and sexy phrasing today? Hard, dry, made out… Well, the brand is called “Wet ‘n’ Wild.”


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    1. oh, btw, DO NOT get the idol eyes pencils. I’ve changed my mind about them! They’re awful creasers and they wipe off so easily (and I’m not talking about wanting to actually remove your makeup).

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