I filmed the video ages ago- you know, before school and my flimsy excuse for a social life began to consume the entirety of my being. Oh my god, I’m like, so deep. Anyway, due to this unfortunate fact, my opinions on some of these products may have changed, which is why you now get this textual version of the reviews. If there is no added commentary, you can assume that my feelings about that product have not changed.

Oh, also, I purchased one of the Stainiac things like… a month ago so I added a review especially for that.

1. Shady Lady – Misschievous Marissa

My feelings have not changed. I still love this shadow. The red stuff on the right is a swatch of Stainiac. If you thought it was blood, you’re obviously super sick.

2. Overshadow – work is overrated; if you’re rich, i’m single; no money, no honey

From top (clockwise): no money, no honey; work is overrated; if you’re rich, i’m single

3. Two-Timer mascara

Left: Marcus Lashalot
Right: Johnny Finetune

4. Sexy Mama anti-shine translucent powder

Ok, so this I have sort of changed my mind about. I still think that except for the packaging, this is a fairly boring product. However, as you can see, I’ve hit pan, but only because it’s so easy to throw around in my makeup kit and it’s cheap enough that I know that if I lose it while I’m out, I’m not necessarily going to cry myself to sleep. I have noticed that it does get me rather pasty-looking if I make the mistake of putting on too much. I’ve got a lot of oil so that does happen quite often. If you have darker skin, you especially have to stay away from this product because it’s really light and not completely translucent.

The lack of an applicator is very, very annoying, but I do like that it snaps shut with a magnet. Other than that, there’s really not much to like. Once I’ve finished this off, I won’t be buying it again.

5. Stainiac – Prom Queen

I usually am not a fan of cheek and lip stains but this is actually pretty good. It’s sheer enough that it’s buildable. The drying time is pretty forgiving as well so you don’t get blotches where you first swipe it. Very easy to work with! I have found that it does disappear after a few hours. Also, I don’t ever use it on my lips; but then again, I never use stains on my lips because of the drying factor.

I still don’t like their shimmery blushes. I keep swatching those and their lip glosses and never like them enough to actually buy them. The lip glosses are tinted but seem too sheer to really do anything for anyone. The lipsticks aren’t really meant to be pigmented, I believe. Isn’t that kind of silly? If I wanted just a slight stain on my lips, I’d buy colored Chapstick or something.

A lot of theBalm products are pretty awesome, though. I love that they’re cruelty-free and that they care about the environment. Their stuff is pretty cheap at drugstore prices. Also, you can’t beat those product names! All in all, I’m going to support this brand the best I can, meaning I’m probably going to keep buying the particular products that I know are good (especially the shadows and the mascara).


I want to apologize to the three people who read this blog. Not only have I been busy, I’ve also been lazy. My new camera lets me take pictures easier now, which means swatching will also be easier and more fun.

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