So tonight, there was this drunk guy who told me my lipstick was too thick. Um, who even NEEDS more than one coat of lipstick? Unless maybe you’re one of those bimbos who think that the only way to deal with lipstick is to buy them really cheap and sheer, in which case, BUY LIPGLOSS, morons.

Also, I’m getting pretty sick of these party poopers who’ve been picking on mah style yo. I’m never overdressed, ahous. Ya’ll are just underdressed. And my lipstick isn’t thick. It’s DEEP BURGUNDY RED, you poorly made up ragamuffins.

Yeah, I CAN SPELL "RAGAMUFFINS". I’m tempted to also google its etymology but I’m too principled.

So anyway, yeah, red lipstick! I used to like Skin Food’s Candy Moist Rouge before I realized it was more pink than red in proper lighting. Skin Food’s lipsticks are super moist and glide on like a dream BUT I hate their shades! And I’d rather have Sahara lips than wear some of those shades, to be honest.

The current favorite is MAC’s Dubonnet. I like to use MAC’s lip pencil in Burgundy as an all-over base since we all know how much of a bitch red lipsticks can be when it comes to, well, keeping them on your lips.

Red lipsticks are so high-maintenance, they make Naomi Campbell look like a nun.

Now, laugh.

ANYWAY, I shall now "swatch" the aforementioned products for you. Giggle, giggle. I said "swatch".

From top to bottom: Candy Moist Rouge, Dubonnet, Burgundy

K, so I know that the rule of thumb is to go for true reds (to be safe) or reds with orange undertones if your skin has warm undertones and blue undertones if your skin has cool undertones (I am aware of the number of times I used "undertones" in one sentence, all right?), and all of these shades are bluish even though I’m a pretty yellow Asian and as I mentioned, I now know better than to keep liking that Skin Food one, BUT YOU GUYS, Dubonnet is just. SO. GORGEOUS.

So now I’m thinking, maybe for DEEP reds, the undertones don’t count for shit. I mean, I’m pretty sure Dubonnet makes me look like Liza Minnelli in New York, New York instead of Liza Minnelli in Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. With Burgundy under it, it’s even more gorgeous. And let me tell you, I ate a BURGER and my lips stayed beautiful!

To sum it all up, Dubonnet = GORGEOUS. Also, I think it’s abominable that people around here don’t wear red lipstick seeing as it’s so FABULOUS. I mean, you can go out in your 300-pound brother’s wife-beater, and a pair of sneakers but if you’ve got a really beautiful red lipstick on, you’re set to go!

Although a set of appropriate underwear wouldn’t hurt.

12 thoughts on “The Red Lipstick”

  1. …is the little black dress in your makeup bag.
    I second the motion! Red lipstick = never out of style. (:
    MAC’s Russian Red is also made of kick-ass win. (MAC should pay us for this, k)

    1. Re: …is the little black dress in your makeup bag.
      Yeah, the famous Russian Red! I believe that is a true red? I was choosing between that and Dubonnet but I wanted something deeper. Perhaps I shall get Russian Red next.

  2. sundressing
    Auburn is a great lipliner color indeed!
    Although I’m kind of done with my red lipstick phase for now, I’d like to share some of my discoveries: MAC’s lipstick in Sundressing is another red alternative although it deep/vampy. And Laura Mercier’s Lip Stain in Scarlet goes on true red and I suspect would work wonders on most skin tones.

      1. Re: sundressing
        LM is available inside Rustans Department Store cosmetics section (not Essences). They have one in Glorietta and Shangri-la Mall Edsa
        I use Scarlet when I want the 1940s pin-up look. It goes on matte, but it doesn’t dry out my lips.

        1. Re: sundressing
          OHHHHHH! RUSTAN’S! OF COURSE! Well, that makes sense. Thanks for the tip! Now I can find out for myself if Michelle Phan is right about LM’s products. Hahah.

          1. Re: sundressing
            maybe you can review tinted moisturizers one of these days 🙂 LM is the second best i’ve tried. my number one is Estee Lauder’s Nutritious tinted moisturizer (mineral based)

          2. Re: sundressing
            Hmm, from what I know of tinted moisturizers, I don’t really know how I’d feel about them. I kind of… don’t get them, to be honest. Kind of the same way with BB Cream, hahah. But you know what they say, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. So yeah, maybe one day!

          3. Re: sundressing
            so i take it you just use concealer/powder or concealer/foundation/powder?
            i’ve streamlined my routine by using TM and minimal powder and I get that natural dewy look. TMs and BB creams are basically the same except BB creams have other claims like skin firming, etc. Ever wonder how Korean actresses look so fresh faced? that’s the answer.
            But you’re ight, it’s not for everyone. I use it for the savings I get with my time. Maximum impact with minimum effort 🙂

          4. Re: sundressing
            Yup! Concealer, foundation, powder, generally speaking. I’ve got really bad skin so I need as much coverage as my skin can handle. Thankfully, acne isn’t as gargantuan a problem as when I was a teenager but I’ve got all sorts of scars from that horrible phase and redness and freckles and all the hoopla, so there you go. (I’ll be doing a review on my Revlon Colorstay pretty soon!)
            Also, those Korean actresses probably already have skin that’s virtually perfect or at least blemish-free so they probably have less problems when it comes to coverage.
            How’s TM when it comes to coverage?

          5. Re: sundressing
            I have a large brown Philippine-map-shaped burthmark under my left eye and Estee Lauder Nutritious TM covers it well,so, as a former Cinema Secrets user-now-TM-user, I can vouch for coverage.
            Those Korean actresses have lots of problems with freckles. So they may have acne free skin but most pigment easily with brown spots so they still need the coverage of BB creams. Surprisingly though BB creams have better coverage pa than TMs. But I havent found a shade that suits my skin tone among the BBs sold here. Lahat pinapaputi ako so I dont like.

  3. I will definitely try it! Thanks for the heads up! May I know which particular shade you use for Dubonnet? I’m pretty happy with how Burgundy kind of deepens the red but I’m willing to try other options.
    Also, totally agree with you on the limited edition issue.

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