My siblings and I are here on business, but thankfully, we don’t have to fly out until tomorrow, so today was free. We spent a few hours at the Hong Kong Museum of History, and then we went to Causeway Bay for a bit of shopping.

I have a few observations about shopping in Hong Kong. One is that the night market isn’t all that amazing, though I did get my hands on two long-sleeved dresses (they won’t be in the pictures). We went yesterday, and while it’s always interesting to walk around in a foreign country, the street market itself wasn’t all that different from our very own Divisoria. The merchandise was pretty standard—nothing you wouldn’t find in neighboring countries’ bazaars. Lots of counterfeit goods and clothing that wouldn’t fit anyone bigger than a size 10.

Having said that, in the malls and legit gift shops (we visited Uppacase, two branches of Log-On, Eslite, and the museum shop), there are rows upon rows of beautiful washi tape. I’ll post a few here, but trust me when I say we bought more.

5 of the 10,000 washis we bought

I also got to buy calligraphy pens, a travel sized version of my favorite perfume (Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea), eyebrow pencils from one of the many Etude House branches, the elusive Dolly Wink mascara (I couldn’t even get this in Japan, WTF), a Gudetama mug, and most excitingly, card-sized photo paper and the tray for the Canon Selphy printer my sister decided to give me!

We did most of our shopping in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai. Most of it were in malls, but there were a few good finds on the streets.

And now for the most exciting part. On our way to the Causeway branch of Log-On, where we needed to buy the cards and special tray I needed for the Selphy printer, we ran into a Kikki K!

I went on Facebook Live for the shop tour, so you can check that out here: Gunk Fury

For those who don’t know, I got engaged a few weeks back. Ya’ll know how it is; we need to save up for the wedding (and married life in general). I didn’t come to Hong Kong with a lot of money to splurge with, so the only thing I expected to come out of Kikki K. with was longing.

So when my sister spotted this beautiful wedding organizer, I could only sigh in appreciation because it was $260 (Hong Kong dollars). That’s around P1,700.

The wedding organizer of my dreams

She couldn’t let me walk out of that store without this jewel, so she BOUGHT IT FOR ME! I can’t thank her enough, you guys.

The best advice I can give to a planner girl is this: get a sister if you don’t already have one.

Kikki K’s color pickers have GAME

It even goes well with my regular planner!

Just THINKING about the wedding gives me more anxiety than work does, but I bet once I start using this planner and turning it into a semi-scrapbook, I won’t feel so overwhelmed.

My best advice to anyone else getting married though: get FULL wedding coordination.

I gotta go for now. We have no idea how we are going to pack everything we bought, and my brother and I are flying out early. Peace out!

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