MUFE Aqua Liner No. 5

The moment MUFE’s Aqua Liners showed up in a Pixiwoo video, I knew I wanted them. According to MUFE, these liners are the favorite of synchronized swimmers. Also, mermaids. I got one in a color I knew I would love as soon as its teal gorgeousness popped up on my computer screen.  

Joseph’s Form Shoot

A couple of decades ago, my friend Joseph, who’s an amazing photographer, had me do the hair and makeup for a studio shoot. Everything was in black and white (and absolutely gorgeous), and I highly suggest you check out the official post HERE. Joe was kind enough to give me these colored photos to put…

Look Wasted

Drama sometimes requires some non-waterproof mascara. Personally, I thought Taylor Momsen never looked better than when mascara, eye shadow, and tears were streaming down her face on Gossip Girl. In hindsight, pictures of me crying (or drunk) would’ve made this post a little bit more interesting but well, spilt milk and all that, right?