Whatever mastery of language I possess, I shall now momentarily abandon.



Just writing about these has got my panties doing the freaking rumba! Yes, my readers, you are now required to sit through an entire post of nonsensical panty metaphors.

I got the tars- “the tars” will happen like “fetch”- in Katricia and RX. Most of the other colors, including Traffic and Botanical, a yellow and a green respectively, were unavailable. Though Tarred was in stock, I skipped it because I already had a black lipstick. Feathered, which is a white, also caught my eye, but I was nervous about its opacity since I hadn’t looked up swatches online.

And there you have my decision-making process! It takes an hour and a lot of pouting, but in the end, I will almost always go for the rarest, weirdest shades.


Beneath the twisty caps lie slanty tips, which I will never use directly on my lips. It’s very easy to squeeze out too much product since only a MINISCULE amount is needed even for the fullest coverage. The tars are best applied with a lip brush, your funnest panties, and a lot of self-restraint.


Left: Katricia, Right: RX

As you can see, these babies show up like panties at a Justin Bieber concert. Katricia is a purple purple. We ain’t talking about plums and undertones here; this bitch is otherworldly. RX is a teal. And when I say “teal,” I mean “SMURF SEX.”


RX applies a wee bit more opaque than Katricia. Also, my panties were in love with it and made me more deliberate with the application.

As you can see, despite my terribly chapped lips, both lip tars cover amazingly well. They do feel a bit dry on the lips, but the amount of time they Stay Put is well worth it. I wore them around the house a few times and never found the need to reapply even after my family’s trademark greasy food and simple water.

I am well aware that other swatches present on the Intarbutts show Katricia to be much tamer, but THOSE SWATCHES ARE WRONG. Natural sunlight, yo. It does not lie! Actually, even under fluorescent lighting, my niece was all, “Tita, which planet are you heading to this time?”


The OCC Lip Tars are 850PHP each at Suesh. More shades are available from online sellers, though the prices are a bit steeper. Also, keep in mind the shipping fee!

*OCC is mega-friendly to aminalz, thank goodness!


Buh-bye, gunkies! My panties are rocketing to a planet of lip tar-covered men. There, we shall rejoice.

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