WELL, HELLO THERE. Remember me? I’m the girl you used to pretend to like. I hope you somehow find it in your healthy little hearts to continue the charade as though I were never absent.

As a well-meant but embarrassingly inadequate apology, I give you the four Nars duos I’ve been meaning to review since Obama became president.


Nars has to have the sleekest packaging in the industry. Each compact comes in a box with a cardboard thing inside that keeps it secure. I apologize for not having pictures of these when they were brand new. Like my faith in love and romance, the boxes for my eyeshadows are long gone. The products themselves are encased in these black rubber housings whose only fault is that they are virtually impossible to clean. Gunkie Sheldons may find this annoying if not downright disturbing.

The mirrors are clear, accurate, and spacious, making the compacts truly nifty and travel-friendly.



Elsa was the first Nars duo I ever bought, and I have to admit, it hasn’t been my favorite. Both colors are very pale, the left being a lilac, and the right a baby blue. The color payoff itself is decent, the blue being a little bit more opaque, but I do wish the textures were a little bit smoother. Fallout isn’t a problem despite the shimmery finishes though. These do make for good highlighters, but this compact isn’t exactly the first thing I reach for when I need the luminosity.



Cleo was given to me by my gunkie sister-in-law. The left is a very pale green. I find it to be a little chalky. However, it’s not so soft that it crumbles. It actually goes on quite smooth. The right is a taupey emerald with green shimmer, a combination that I think works excellently with the other eye shadow. It has medium opacity and feels buttery and smooth with the shimmer staying put and infused properly into the powder.

*I used this in a very simple FOTD.



My love for Habanera knows no bounds. It is absolutely my MOST FAVORITE eye shadow compact ever! Seriously, if it were a man, I’d be TAP TAP TAPPING IT ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT.

I usually loathe frosts, but this here beautiful sea foam green is such a soft, elegant color that catches light but isn’t all disco-disastrous. It’s very smooth, opaque, and applies like a fucking dream. The dirty plum it’s paired with is proof that sometimes, dirty is good. It’s a weird, plummy brown that’s more understated than what you’d expect from the way it registers in the pan. It’s not as smooth as the frost, but the texture is nonetheless low-maintenance and fallout-free despite the shimmer, which echoes the pale goodness of the frost.

I really, REALLY want to meet the genius who put these two strangely complementary shades together and kiss him/her all slobbery and awesome!

*Here’s a smoky eye with JUST Habanera. Yeah, it’s that awesome.



As you can see, Kalahari’s eye shadows aren’t that much different from each other. In the pan, they look very different, but when swatched, they can hardly be told apart. Both have beautiful, smooth textures, and are very pigmented despite being pale golds. I would say that the pink undertones in the shade on the right would suit cooler or more neutral skin tones, and that’s about the only distinguishing factor between the two eye shadows. On my NC 25-30 skin, these are too pale for me to be able to use either alone (as in a single-color eye shadow look). I wish I could say that these being neutrals, I reach for them frequently, but actually, the fact that the shades are so similar instead of complementary means that one would have to reach for yet another eye shadow. Kind of defeats the purpose of them being supposedly nomad-friendly, I think.


Nars’ Duo Eyeshadows are 1,750php each. That’s 875php for each eye shadow. Nars’ individual eye shadows are larger and more expensive at 1,150php. I can’t imagine using up that big a pot of eye shadow though, so I think the duos are the better buy. Some are hits, and some are misses. I strongly suggest swatching the shades before purchasing.


Bye, gunkies! I really am sorry I’ve been away. Even my armpits are apologetic. Please accept!

3 thoughts on “Nars Duo Eyeshadows in Elsa, Cleo, Habanera, and Kalahari”

  1. Base matters, eh? When I do my eye makeup I always apply a neutral (to my skintone) eye shadow first. Why? Cos for starts it helps to take out any remaining little bits of redness or uneven skintone I may have missed when I was applying my foundation (quite likely, I’m none too careful first thing in the morning, me) and secondly, it gives the next shadow I apply something to be more easily blended into.

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