Another nude lipstick? I feel feverish! Let’s try a peachy one this time, yeah?


As you may well know if you’ve read my review of MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #36, I am a great fan of the packaging with the nifty colored label and the sleek professional-looking housing. I still do not like the shape of the lipstick inside though. What does Make Up For Ever have against pointy tips anyway? Don’t the humans in Paris have Cupid’s bows?


MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #24 is a peachy nude with a matte finish. It is officially a satin finish according to the MUFE website, but to me, it looks and feels very matte.

As far as this category of shades goes, this one is on the brighter side of nude lipsticks. At least on me, it is an extremely wearable but also very exciting shade, especially for a nude. I wouldn’t call it natural-looking because both the peach and brown tones in it are quite strong. However, that’s not to say it isn’t a flattering shade.

Gunkie Suggestion: I love pairing this with simple green lids and a natural face!

The formulation can feel quite dry, but I assure you, it won’t exacerbate chapped lips. It won’t moisturize either, but as I’ve said many times before, I don’t usually rely on cosmetics for my skin or lip care. Whatever a lipstick claims, a good lip balm is still a must-have.

The texture of #24 is very creamy and easy to work with. It has good slip, but doesn’t bleed or settle into cracks and crevices. In typical Make Up For Ever fashion, this is very opaque and rich. It gives excellent coverage and wear as long as it’s not terribly disturbed. Let it be said however, that not all the Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are as creamy and opaque as this one. The line ranges from matte to high shimmer, and depending on the individual formulas of different shades, some are actually quite sheer, hard, and a bitch to get on the lips.


Of course anyone can wear any color, but as far as whom I think this particular nude will look good on, I’d have to say those who have warm, medium to dark skin. This is because of the very strong peach undertones in the shade, which, depending on how conservative of a gunkie you are, may look too bright for a natural look.

MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks are 1,280PHP each. (I made a mistake and said they were 1,000 PHP in my review of #36. The entry has since been edited.)

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