I thought it would never happen, but I’m in love. Yeah, that’s right, I’m in love. With three things.

The MUFE Face and Body foundation, this season’s orange and pink trend, and the MUFE staff.

I don’t necessarily have the time to do a full review on my recent purchases at the moment, seeing as I’m currently printing out one of the five things I’m supposed to submit today, so what I will do is give ya’ll a vomitful of pictures featuring one angle, one look, and one FOTD. These pictures were all taken with flash and very ineptly. No, they have not been edited (just resized), and yes, this is one of those posts.

This is what happened when I finally learned how to use the “Continuous Shooting” feature on my camera.

And one more, for good measure.

What’s on my face?
❤ MUFE Face & Body Foundation
❤ Orange eye shadow: WnW Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in Greed, Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette
❤ Pink lipstick: NYX lipliner pencil in Hot Pink, MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #36

There are two trends, actually, that I combined. The first one is the monochromatic orange look, more specifically orange eye makeup; this usually entails only bronzer on the cheeks, and nude lips. The second is the simple bright and colorful eye paired with hot pink lips.

Yes, these “trends” are based on my observations. Why? Because this is my blog. 🙂

Do you see how HOT that fuchsia is? Take THAT, MAC Spitfire. MUFE’s #36 has a less exciting name, but it packs a more ferocious punch. I do still want Spitfire, WHICH I WILL GET THANKS TO MY COUSIN WHO’S COMING HOME FROM THE STATES NEXT MONTH. BOO-YEAH. Yay. At least the evil MAC lady isn’t getting commission from MY lipstick.

Oh, and to explain the rape hair and the crazy brows, I had just taken down my hair and was in the process of removing my makeup when I decided to do an FOTD. Don’t ask me why I was removing the brow makeup first; I don’t know either.


I’ve been spending a lot of time at MUFE lately. I think this is because I’ve been too stressed to deal with the failure that is MAC “Customer Service.” Seriously, if I hear another one of them say that Lady Bug is a limited edition shade, I will rip somebody’s head off.

On the other hand, MUFE’s staff are awesome. They are so nice and accommodating and helpful and honest! Every time I visit a MUFE boutique, I get smiled at, helped but not smothered, and just really taken care of.

The best thing is that even for the slightest inconvenience they (or any of their co-MUFE representatives) cause you, they actually APOLOGIZE, something that MAC reps seem to be unable to do.

I’ll be spending even more time at Make Up For Ever, it seems, because I just registered for one of their summer courses! I’m ridiculously excited, but nervous at the same time. These shaky hands might just poke somebody’s eye out this season! Is bloody eye shadow a good look for summer? What do you think?

14 thoughts on “MUFE Love: Pink and Orange FOTD 033011”

        1. Re: pink
          Lots of BLACK women wear pink lips! Wala yang rules rules na ‘yan! Why would companies make a shade that would ostracize people who don’t have fair skin, diba? 😀 You have the personality for it, mare!

  1. well well,it’s impossible na hindi ko mapansin ‘tong post na ‘to! kalokaaaaa. ang ganda. i might even try the pink lipstick even if i really don’t like pink!

  2. ganda ng continuous shooting option! also, make- up shopping tayo soon? I need to buy the basics a.k.a employment 2011 🙂

  3. just read your make-up class series backwards 🙂 its been awhile since i blog-hopped. Nice work!
    ps. i cant decide which pose i like better, the 2nd or 3rd. 😉

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