Did I mention I went back to makeup school?



Mine and Ms. Yuki’s model for the day was Zubi, who’s impossibly bubbly and fun to work on.


Ms. Yuki is HILARIOUS, you guys.


Unfortunately, they don’t allow us to bring products from other brands anymore, except for brushes. Not really a problem since MUFE’s line is quite impressive.


The look for the day was Arabian-themed bridal. Ms. Yuki’s work was insane.


Here’s my interpretation.


My classmate… Donna, I think it was, and her model.


Zubi’s got a gorgeous smile.


Later, she was like, BITCH, THIS BE MY ANGLE.


And there I am.



BTW, guys, if you haven’t checked out MUFE’s new lipstick line, Rouge Artist Natural, GO. NOW. Seriously, I am freaking IN LOVE with them. They’re especially a must-have for bridal makeup artists. The line is ridiculously big and everything is gorgeous. I’ll try to do a review one of these days.

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