Where is Day 8, you ask? Still in the studio’s memory card because they wouldn’t let me borrow their computer to get the photos. 🙁

HOWEVER, today’s lesson was by far the most fun for me. We were asked to bring pegs for theme bridal makeup. I picked Bollywood bridal and came up with my most favorite look yet. I think it’s all the warm colors that really get me excited.


Couldn’t have done it without another one of my gorgeous friends, Aleli.

Joanne and Rim Light.

The ridiculously talented Ms. Yuki at work.

She did an oriental-themed bridal look.

Here’s my Bollywood bride.

This is called a Bollywood smirk.

I seriously thought the lashes were perfectly placed. Apparently, I really need to wear my glasses.

Seriously though, Ardell lashes are the bomb. I wish I had more dramatic ones though.

Aleli will kill me for posting this, but I personally think that she looks BEAUTIFUL in this photo. It’s just a moment of life and joy. I don’t remember what we were laughing at though. :)) (Mare, I will take it down if you want me to, though it will break my heart)

This is called the Bollywood pag-hawi ng buhok.

Aleli > Bollywood jewelry

More eye CUs!

Aren’t bindis just so much fun? Thank you, Franny. She gave me a pack of bindis as a birthday present a few years go. I FINALLY GET TO USE ‘EM.

Aleli, me, and my weird eye.

And then we ate at Cafe Juanita. Prepare yourselves for haphazardly taken half-eaten food photos. Boy, that was a mouthful. PUN! This was a crab thing that was freaking delicious.

This was a chicken… thing. It made Banapple’s similar chicken dish look like crappy fast food.

Sticky toffee pudding!

Thanks, Aleli! Thanks, Franny! Thanks, gunkies! I shall now start the struggle for sleep.

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