These pictures actually turned out much better than I expected. I was a little disappointed with what I had done that day, especially because no concrete plan actually formulated in my head. I have to admit that I did everything kind of… aimlessly and rather dispassionately.

And for some reason, my eyeshadows began creasing! Perhaps I didn’t use enough primer? I guess I was just having an off day.

Khamille was her normal gorgeous self though, which kind of salvaged the makeup a little bit.

Ms. Yuki has beautiful skin.

I have to apologize! Our model’s name is Joanne, and not Joanna. Sorry!

She’s such a pro. I guess this is why she does this for a living.

The Flash Color sticks weren’t cooperating with me that day. Tried to use ’em as lipsticks, but between me and my clumsiness, it kind of turned into a disaster.

I was going for Philippine flag, indigenous…esque. Should’ve made her foundation a little darker! Should’ve gone with my gut and made the lipstick REALLY messy! Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

But still… I don’t think it was a complete disaster!

I hadn’t done my eyebrows. I know, shameful. Like I said, it was an off day.

And then Khamille and I ate some lamb. HAHAHAHAH. Seriously guys, give Clawdaddy’s a chance.

I tried to fix this picture of broccoli. Because I like broccoli.

I took a picture of Khamille’s bread. Because there was bread.


4 thoughts on “Maquillage Professionnel Day 5 – Fashion Photography (Matte)”

  1. Keri lang yan teh!
    Uy kim! I like your tutorials kaya. Though I’m not into make-up you know, i like watching it and I get so amazed with the end product! I will link you in my blogroll of course. But wait, suggestion, I always forget that I should “read more” to see the rest of your post. Is there a way you’re entire post shows up in the page nalang? haha dunno suggestion lang 🙂
    Khamille is gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Re: Keri lang yan teh!
      Hahah, thanks Melai! Also, unfortunately, the layout of my blog will not allow for the size of my pictures to be the way they are. And I keep the main blog page not so picture heavy so that it will be easier to load for most people. Sorry! Perhaps I will just put in reminders for people to view the rest of the photos. Thank you for letting me know!
      And yes, she is. Stupid betch.

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