This was by far the best I’d done. I guess I’m really made for the intense, flamboyant makeup of the ’80s.

Or it was a fluke. Hahah.

’70s makeup is very clean and bronzy. I dug it so much.

And I think we all know what ’80s makeup looked like. Ms. Yuki elevated it to high fashion though.

Her work always comes out so perfect. I watch everything she does really closely, but I can never seem to get it quite so clean!

Khamille was my model again.

I decided to go a little different for the ’80s side. I did a sharp edge, and a more wearable blue. I used a lot of MUFE’s Star Powder for the brow bone, but it wore off before I could take the pictures. 🙁

Left: ’70s, Right: ’80s

Thanks again, Khamille!

Ms. Yuki said I did good work that day! I wish Day 5 had gone as well, but yeah, it’s a learning process. I wouldn’t be in makeup school if I knew everything, now would I?

Thanks for reading! Gunkie out!

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