Our last session was filled with tears and laughter. NAT!

Basically, it was just like any other session, except that the knowledge of it being the last one forced me to think about how I’d improved and what else I needed to work on.

For one thing, I’ve accepted that though some people might have generally better skin than mine, they might not have as defined a crease as I do. I and my Asian sistahs and brothahs often have almond-shaped eyes, which can be pretty challenging (especially when doing a cat eye), but at least my crease doesn’t fold over my lid and I have a decent amount of lid space. I hate to brag, but I guess you gotta take some pride in at least one of your physical attributes somehow! Especially when most days, you kind of… dislike the rest of your face. Hahah.

ANYHOO, Lourey was my model.

I really do wish I’d covered up Lourey’s eyebrows, but by the time I realized where the look was going, I was almost out of time. Hahah. AND OKAY ALREADY, I GOT LAZY.

Ms. Yuki thought my shadows were very well blended. I think I agree! :))

Ms. Yuki, me, and Tania.

Us and our models. Sadly, I forget what Tania’s model’s name was. 🙁 Joanne was absent.

With Sir Mio!

Makeup class was fun and frustrating, but mostly challenging. I did learn a lot, though I do wish I worked faster and thought things through more. I’ve gotten a good idea of what methods and states of mind work better for me in terms of speed and the overall quality of the looks I do. Apparently, I produce better results when I know exactly what I’m going to do instead of… winging it. I guess that does sound a lot like me! :)) I will, in fact, miss going to class and being forced to practice.

In other gunk news, I’ve a few summer tutorials I want to do, most of them inspired by my heat-fueled aggravation. Hopefully, I can muster the courage to get out in the sun tomorrow and get my eyebrows threaded. Hahah.

To my three readers, thank you for sharing in my makeup journey! Classes are over, but Gunk Fury isn’t, I’ll tell you that. Tutorials coming soon, don’t worry!

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