It was Sir Mio Robo who taught us that day as Ms. Yuki was teaching another class. I have no idea why this was the arrangement, but I didn’t mind all that much because Sir Mio was a good teacher as well.

Sir Mio at work.

Lourey (apparently that’s how her name is spelled) and Tania’s cell phone.

DEDMA WHITE BALANCE. We were hurrying ok!

And here was my look. I didn’t really mean for the colors to be so similar to what Sir Mio used, I swear! I even used different products, but yeah, well, this is what I came up with.

Isn’t Lourey gorgeous?

To be honest, I was feeling a bit off and lazy that week day, which is why there will be no false lashes in these posts. Hahah. Also, I really need to develop my own style of doing eyebrows because I just can’t do it the ways Ms. Yuki and Sir Mio do!

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