Who knows? The techniques I learned that day may be useful in the future! If I somehow suddenly decide to go into theater makeup, that is.

Three forehead wrinkles- Ms. Yuki’s work; two forehead wrinkles- my work

Obviously, Joanne has been doing this for a long time. She does this lip thing on command. Hahah.

And let us not forget that Joanne usually looks like this (sans eyebrow gunk). She has INSANE bone structure.

Pictures from Day 8 have unfortunately disappeared from MUFE’s memory card. I’m bummed about this still because I think the look I did that day was one of my favorites. Oh well. 🙁

9 thoughts on “Maquillage Professionnel Day 10 – Ageing Makeup (Theater)”

    1. Product-searching for theater makeup is pretty challenging though! Damn lights and heat. Hahah. Also, hi, AD! Is this your new username, by the way? Should I delete your old one that still appears on my personal LJ?

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