Day 1 wasn’t exactly an entire success for me, but it was nonetheless a lot of fun! I really, REALLY need to get used to doing makeup on eye shapes other than mine. I have no idea why it seems so easy to do it on my own lid, but I can’t seem to figure out the mathematics of other people’s.

Thank goodness I had Sasha, who fought through her pseudo-ADD and sat in the makeup chair for more than two hours while I messed up her face.

Sasha and I ate an awesome Clawdaddy’s lunch right before class. Here are the obligatory food photos.

Then we headed to MUFE, which was about a bunny hop away. Here’s our sad makeup rack. 🙁 It’s kind of limited, but that’s okay! We’re allowed to bring our own stuff.

Miss Yuki Geraldo is our instructor. That’s her Face of Concentration right there. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of it in the coming weeks.

She erased Joanne the Model’s eyebrow for a 1920s flapper look.

I totally botched the eyebrows thing, which is why you now get these badly edited photos. I wasn’t gonna let my homegurl be seen like that!

Eyebrow fail. I really need to familiarize myself with the products more. Apparently, there are more sophisticated ways of erasing eyebrows than using glue stick (which works just fine, btw).

I wish I had a large mirror like this at home. 🙁

I could call this an FOTD post… except it’s really not. 😐

Can you tell who the camera hogs are? What is upstaging the professional?

Day 2 went much better, and my weaknesses have begun to surface. Hopefully, I’ll be able to turn things around by the end of the course.

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