I know this is late, but I think that this is worth discussing anyway.

There is a stigma that MAC can never get a product wrong, and that is just not true. I personally love MAC; my brown shadows are the best I’ve seen yet, and most of the brushes are just plain better than any dupe. However, as with any other brand, MAC does sometimes get it wrong.

I hadn’t gotten on the MAC Carbon bandwagon because I already had a few blacks that I was quite happy with. I didn’t have one that was completely matte though, so I decided to finally get it. Boy, was I disappointed. The thing is just an awful product. Pretty much all it’s been good for is deepening the color of some of my shadows, and even then, it’s so difficult to get it from the pan and on my lid. It’s also virtually unblendable so unless the shadow is so dark that it’s almost black itself, MAC Carbon will just sit there with nowhere to go and nothing to do- uneven, ashy, gray, and dirty-looking. I just hate it. Hate it hate it hate it.

What’s on my face?

Face Gunk
1. Bare Escentuals Prime Time
2. Nars Firming Foundation
3. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
4. Palladio Oil-absorbing Rice Powder in Natural Rice
5. Nars blush in Gina
6. MAC Fix+ Spray

Eye Gunk
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. MAC Eyeshadow in Ricepaper
3. theBalm Overshadow in No Money, No Honey
4. MAC Eyeshadow in Cork

Lip Gunk
1. MAC Venomous Villains lipstick in Heartless
2. MAC Venomous Villains lipglass in Wicked Ways

I purchased a few things from the new MAC collection, A Tartan Tale. I’ll be posting a review on them soon. Stay tuned!

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