Once upon a time, I got my grubby little hands on Laura Mercier’s hard-to-find face kit. Mind you, this post is VERY LATE. As in three years late. You probably won’t find this product anywhere anymore. I just thought I should review it, so you guys know what I look for in cream-based kits like this one.




The compact is called Bonne Mine, and it is a box of joy and beauty and happycakes. In typical Laura Mercier fashion, the packaging is flawless. It’s sturdy despite being made mostly of cardboard (as far as I can tell), and the mirror is pretty good.

IMG_2341 IMG_2340

It comes with instructions, though I mostly just ignore them. DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, RICH WHITE LADY.

IMG_2336 IMG_2338

There are two highlighters, two blushes, and a bronzer. I love that you get options. Certain shades will flatter depending on your skin tone, but they all work pretty well on my Neutral-Warm skin. The bronzer is a little too warm to work as a contour on me, but if your skin leans more yellow, it would probably work.


Left to Right: Highlighters (Unblended and Blended) and Blushes (Unblended and Blended)


The darker highlighter doesn’t work as a highlighter for me, but I do like using it as an eyeshadow base!


The blushes are both GORGEOUS and stay put pretty well, especially for cream products. They’re both pretty tame pinks, but it certainly doesn’t make them boring. I love that neither are too warm nor too cool, so they’re pretty versatile and would probably look good on anyone. As for the bronzer, it’s pretty good, considering I don’t even like bronzers. For the occasional topak though, I do bust it out and pretend I succeed in looking like J. Lo. Or Beyonce.


That’s it for now, gunkies. Don’t miss me too much. I just got back, and WALANG MAKAKAPIGIL SA’KEN.

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