This is a post of many firsts (TONGUE-TWISTAHHHH). First E.L.F. review, concealer review, highlighter review, and the debut of my new, totally legit watermark! I have Franny of No Bees, No Honey to thank for this protection against the image thieves I will forever insist exist. Holy crap, I’m all about the tongue-twisters tonight, aren’t I?

Anyway, today we are discussing an E.L.F. concealer/highlighter duo. I always tell people that concealer is something one absolutely must invest in. They are notorious for caking up and slipping off, and if you want the stuff to stay on, then you’re going to have to cough up the gold.

It’s not that I deliberately avoided drugstore concealers; it’s just that I hadn’t found one that performed as well as I would have liked. Noticed the tenses? Well, you should’ve paid attention, bitchez, because coverage elitism ends like, now.


The duo comes in this totally legit (and apparently, this is word of the day) box. There are three official shades: Fair, Light, and Medium. According to the salesperson assisting me, the only shades available locally are the first two. I have not found this to be false, but let me know if you think otherwise.

The highlighter, Glow, is the same for all shades.

I do wish they’d exerted a bit more effort with the shade range; a fourth, darker shade would have made our deeper-skinned sisters and brothers something to work with. Same goes for the too-white highlighter.


It’s a double ended stick, with an under eye concealer on one side, and a highlighter on the other.


Packaging seems pretty sturdy. Both ends close with a screw cap, although each is sometimes off by a few millimeters when screwed on. No big deal. The product doesn’t drip or ooze out, so the stopper is working properly and is just the right size.


They come with doe-foot applicators that serve their purpose well enough. A little bit goes a long way with either end, so I try to scrape off the excess on the rims of the tube.


The concealer’s consistency is very light, kind of watery actually, and feels comfortable. It provides adequate coverage for my under-eye circles. I must admit that my eye bags aren’t particularly bad, so I honestly don’t know how it would perform for worse cases. Still, it bears mentioning that despite the folds and lines that I do have under my eyes, nothing looked crinkly and gross. There was also very little to no creasing even after an entire day’s wear! Of course I had set it with my everyday finishing powder, but I do that with all concealers, and most, including more expensive ones, have still performed much, much worse than this gem.

This, however, is an under-eye concealer. It’s too thin and light for the rest of the face. I imagine it would just slip right off after a few minutes.

The highlighter isn’t particularly bad, but it isn’t particularly good either. Basically, it’s white goo that applies with sporadic shimmer. My main problem with it is it’s just too darn white. Blended out, it looks okay on my NC25-30 skin, but tends to look a little bit ashy. I’m willing to bet it would look much worse on very dark skin. What little shimmer is in it is annoying rather than actually helpful.

Having said that, I still think 249PHP is not at all a lot to pay for the E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter, if only for the above average performance of the concealer side. That’s an excellent deal, in my opinion! If you don’t like the highlighter, then consider it a useless freebie. Overall, I consider this duo to be a rather fantastic find, even without considering how cheap it was. It’s proof that drugstore and low-end products don’t always mean subpar results. I have no idea what E.L.F.’s production costs are, but look people! A good, cheap product! It CAN be done!


Don’t forget to visit Fran’s journal! She is an excellent artist and an awesome friend. 🙂

4 thoughts on “E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter”

  1. There is an E.L.F. Concealer that can be bought on its own. So if you don’t like the highlighter, you can buy the concealer alone. 🙂

    1. Are you perhaps talking about the Tone Correcting Concealer? Unfortunately, it has different ingredients. It’s an entirely different product. I don’t know how well it would perform though, since I haven’t tried it. Also, I find that the E.L.F. Studio line is much better than the regular line. Thank you for the comment! Let me know what you think of the Tone Correcting Concealer if you’ve tried it! 😀

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