Make no mistake, I love me my hamburgers and steaks- my parents are butchers, and my family and I are definitely carnivores. However, unnecessary animal testing in the world of cosmetics, to me, is such a terrible, terrible thing. There are hundreds and thousands of cruelty-free products out in the market, innumerable lipstick shades and mascara formulations, and an obscene amount of ingredients that have already been approved for everyone. When a cosmetics company decides to conduct private animal testing, I don’t see any other reason for it other than greed.

So many products promise eternal youth, cures for acne, and have ridiculous claims.

“This revolutionary plant was found in the newly discovered lost city of Atlantis and now we have extracted from its leaves the secret to wrinkle-free, forever supple skin. You’re eighty years old? No problem. This will make you look EIGHTEEN.” And then the commercial will feature a model who’s not eighty, not eighteen, but FIFTEEN going on PERFECTLY AIRBRUSHED.

What these companies won’t tell you is that they are attempting to monopolize this newly discovered, magical ingredient, and are therefore not submitting it to the industry for testing. The problem is that they don’t have private jurisdiction over Atlantis and everyone else can basically just go there and dig up the same allegedly magical plant. As a result, instead of just one governing body conducting animal testing to make sure the ingredient is safe for human use, there are hundreds of companies testing on hundreds of animals.

I’m not even going to discuss alternatives like skin grafting on here. I’m also not telling everyone to go vegan and to boycott ANY company, including ones that make shampoos and laundry detergents. I’m saying people should be thinking about what it took to make a tube of 900-peso lipstick, and if you want or need it bad enough that the animal suffering is worth it.

Here is a list of the cruelty-free brands that I know of that are available in the Philippines (more specifically, Manila). Some of these brands have parent companies that DO test on animals, but in my opinion, any group that doesn’t still deserves to profit and get funded- especially if they are helping to develop more alternatives and are campaigning to stop animal testing.

Bare Escentuals

Retail Lab at Archaeology Center (Powerplant Mall)

Burt’s Bees

Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)


Rustan’s department stores

Cinema Secrets

SM department stores


Rustan’s department stores

Coastal Scents

online sellers

Dollface Cosmetics, Pure Beauty at Serendra, The Ramp Glorietta

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face)

Rustan’s department stores, SM department stores, Watson’s, The Ramp Glorietta (not sure about The Ramp Shangri-la)

Estée Lauder

Rustan’s department stores

Ever Bilena

Available in SM department stores, drugstores, lots of places, actually! Ever Bilena is a local brand.

Laura Mercier

Rustan’s department stores

MAC Cosmetics

Rustan’s department stores, Marionnaud at Mall of Asia, Powerplant Mall, and Trinoma

Make Up For Ever

Shangri-la mall, Bonifacio High Street

Make-up Designory cosmetics (M.U.D.)

Pure Beauty at Serendra


Rustan’s department stores


Pure Beauty at Serendra

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)

Suesh showroom (Wilson st., Greenhills), online sellers


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)


Landmark, SM department stores, Watson’s, The Ramp in Glorietta, PCX (Personal Care Exchange) in Powerplant Mall, most anywhere!

Sally Hansen

SM department stores, Landmark

Shu Uemura

Rustan’s department stores, Powerplant Mall


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)


Rustan’s department stores


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)

The Body Shop

Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, SM Megamall, Powerplant Mall, Glorietta 3, Trinoma, Gateway, most everywhere else hahah


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)

Urban Decay

online sellers

Wet ‘n’ Wild

SM department stores, Watson’s, Landmark


Beauty Bar (Trinoma, Robinson’s Galleria Ortigas, Shangri-la mall, Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall)


Most, if not all the brands featured in Beauty Bar are cruelty-free. In 2009, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Southeast Asia gave them a distinction for having the Best Selection of Cruelty Free Products.

This is not a complete list of all cruelty-free companies. This is just a list of the ones I know of that are accessible to me, whether they are near where I live, I’ve ordered from them, or I’ve visited the stores. If you would like to add something to this list, please don’t hesitate to let me know. (For a more complete list of cruelty-free companies, click here)

I also ask you to share this page with friends, family, and other makeup enthusiasts, not just to get hits on my blog, but also to make people aware of animal testing, a subject even the makeup salespeople I’ve encountered often have no knowledge about (some have even proudly said that their products WERE tested on animals as a sales pitch, though it was obvious they had no idea what they were talking about).

Well, these are just my thoughts and opinions, and I’ve provided this list for those who might share the same principles. Thanks for reading, gunkies!

❤ Gunk Fury

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  1. Thanks for the insightful hair tip, Kim! Also, I am totally for cruelty-free make-up! Pretty much everything I own and use is on this list. So yay! Life for furry critters. Anyway, when are we collaborating? Hahaha x Nis

    1. YAY!!! So glad to hear that! Also, anytime you want, pretty much! GET JOSEPH TO TAKE THE PICTURES! Mas malakas ka don e. :)) So excited to practice on your fez.

  2. Hello! I’m a cruelty-free advocate too. I have been doing this since last year and I have found out that even though some companies claim that they don’t test on animals, their ingredients has a high probability of being tested. They stated that their finished products were not tested on animals but no mention of the ingredients or of their suppliers. Also, there are some companies who are cruelty-free but they sell their products on China. China requires importers to conduct animal testing before letting their products to the Chinese market. And because of this, they are now cruel to animals. For example, Revlon claims to be cruelty-free but they sell their products on China and some are even made in the said country. Clinique is also sold on China too and MAC is planning soon to sell there. Estee Lauder as a mother company tests on animals.

    I love these brands, I even featured some of them on my blog before. But, after discovering this I immediately removed them from my list. It’s really hard to find products which are truly cruelty-free these days. 🙂

    1. It’s definitely difficult to truly be sure which products are completely cruelty-free, and which companies are splitting hairs when it comes to their claims. I think that’s why everybody should do their own research, and decide what and whom to believe. Thank you for the comment! It’s nice to know there is someone out there who also cares.

  3. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust PETA so much with their list (they have a reputation of euthanizing rescued animals if no one adopts them after 3-5 days, but that’s another story; I have the stats if you are interested). A company that’s more dedicated to certifying cruelty-free products is Leaping Bunny. I purchase most of my cruelty-free cosmetics and household products based on the Leaping Bunny logo because that’s where we are sure that the company doesn’t hide anything:

    It’s also been said that Shu Uemura tests on animals. (Based on PETA’s Company That DO Test on Animals list). And I don’t purchase from so-called cruelty-free companies that are a subsidiary of those companies that DO test on animals. For example: Shu Uemura is a subsidiary of L’Oreal. Burt’s Bees a subsidiary of Clorox. I also wouldn’t go near really large cosmetic conglomerates like Chanel, Estee Lauder, etc. because they tend to be very political and can get away with anything. (By the way, I’m not sure when you’ve posted this blog entry but Estee Lauder has been dropped from the cruelty-free list by PETA because they have plans / have already penetrated the Chinese market which REQUIRES ALL cosmetic companies to test on animals first before exporting their products to China.) See link below for more info:

    Another way to know if they are hiding something is reading their Animal Testing Policies. They’ll say they don’t test their FINISHED PRODUCTS on animals. But their raw materials may come from sources that HAVE BEEN tested on.

    I’d like to add a few more cruelty-free products that you can purchase in Manila: ShiKai shampoo and conditioner in Beauty Bar. Jason Natural shampoos, conditioners and toothpastes in Rustan’s.

    Please guys, also go vegetarian. Bunnies are not the only ones that suffer because of humans’ vanity and greediness. Our farm now looks like the Holocaust in the 40’s, the chickens that used to grow upto 45 days now can be slaughtered in 28 days because of the antibiotics and other medicines that they’ve been given to grow faster, they also are very much cooped up in filthy cages without space to spread their wings. Male chicks are also crushed to death after their eggs hatch because they’re of no use to the egg-laying industry. Cows are being raped by humans a number of times a year to produce a calf, only to have it taken away from the mom as veal and the mom is milked to death (sometimes literally). (I have photos of “human v animal holocaust” side-by-side for comparison.) People shouldn’t be taking advantage of their power and as compassionate human beings, it is our responsibility to help those without voice.

    Also, do not buy products made from ivory. Elephants are slaughtered by poachers in the face using Kalashnikovs or bolos only to get their tusks. In 1979, there were 1.3m elephants in Africa, now there’s less than 600,000 (75,000 are killed every year for their tusks and illegally shipped to China or Thailand). Not only that, please educate those who travel to Africa or America to stop participating in games (tourists participate in canned hunting which costs $25,000 per shot of a rhino, etc.). Oh and lastly, 73m sharks are hunted annually, with 185 species listed as threatened with extinction because of the Chinese delicacy of shark’s fin soup. When going to a Chinese restaurant, refuse to order shark’s fin soup and educate the people there about the growing extinction of our shark population. When they have been wiped out from our planet, there will be an imbalance in our ecosystem.

    I’m a vegetarian and animal rights advocate. You may email me for more info: 🙂

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