Sucker Punch: Babydoll

Hated the movie, ADORED the makeup! It’s about time I did this look! I blended the crease out a much more than I should have. I didn’t realize that the original was a lot thinner. My bad! Anyway, the rest of the steps should be the same, though a pencil liner or a more precise…

Look Wasted

Drama sometimes requires some non-waterproof mascara. Personally, I thought Taylor Momsen never looked better than when mascara, eye shadow, and tears were streaming down her face on Gossip Girl. In hindsight, pictures of me crying (or drunk) would’ve made this post a little bit more interesting but well, spilt milk and all that, right?

Everyday Smoky Eye with Nars Habanera

Nars Habanera is unsurprisingly my most favorite eye shadow duo to date. Not only does it have my favorite color combination (green and purple), it’s also an incredibly wearable shade selection. I’ll reserve a full review on the compact for a later date- perhaps swatches and reviews of all the Nars eye shadow duos I…

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Cover Look

I’m going to call this a Gwyneth Paltrow-inspired look since, truth be told, I didn’t recreate the exact makeup she’s got on. You could use some tape to create the exaggerated angle of her eye makeup, but I didn’t have tape and was too lazy to buy some. 🙂 Well, I hope this helps anyway!