Friday night, my friend Aleli got a new tattoo. Naturally, we went there to document the event. And meddle.

If I ever make it to Paris, I’d wear this in the day time. That’s Joma on my left.

Here we have a clean canvas.

That’s just a guide, you idiot.

“Belle” means “beauty” in French. Quite appropriate for Aleling.

Here we have the gorgeous Joseph . He makes sweet, sweet love photography.

Aaaaaand here’s our FOTD (Face of the Day). Because I had to relate this to makeup somehow.

Shut up about the eyebags. It was all about the red lips. Lip Gunk: WnW Creme Lipliner in Berry Red, Revlon Matte Lipstick in In the Red.

That Revlon lipstick is PHENOMENAL. I’ve eaten all sorts of greasy food- in fact, sometimes, I just eat grease- with it on and let me tell you, it is the most low maintenance red lipstick EVER.

Revlon’s matte lipsticks are THE SHIT. If you can find one that’s a dupe of a more expensive shade you could never bring yourself to splurge on, GRAB IT.

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